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The Institute of Biodynamic Medicine Ltd (IOBM) - formerly the Gerda Boyesen International Institute of Biodynamic Psychology and Psychotherapy Ltd (GBII) - and its clinical arm The Biodynamic Clinic, have transformed the lives of many people by helping them to restore their natural health, peace of mind and emotional well-being.

Clinical Psychologist Gerda Boyesen (1922-2005) established a new branch of knowledge known as biodynamic psychology and psychotherapy. This is a biological and psychological approach to understanding the human condition. As well as the traditional fields of psychology and psychotherapy plus physical and emotional well-being, biodynamic knowledge is increasingly being applied in the evolving fields of epigenetics, neuro-science, targeted therapies, trauma recovery, energy medicine, conflict resoluton. The biodynamic approach and perspective can bring new understanding and subsequent resolution to many biological and psychological upsets.

Gerda Boyesen's findings are confirmed by new research and discoveries in physics, medicine, cell biology, epigenetics and neuro science. Her theories throw new light on the important concept of 'life energy' and 'nervous fluid' and how this is cleared and regulated organically in the body, enabling true freedom for the mind, body, spirit and soul. 

Biodynamic Medicine

Medicine is defined as the 'art of healing'. Biodynamic Medicine is defined as the art of healing in accordance with biodynamic principles.

With the emerging evidence basis for well established biodynamic practices, IOBM is engaged in the development and application of these methods and new protocols to grow the field of Biodynamic Medicine.

Good Practice and Research

Working complementary to and along side the medical model, these methods are carefully adapted to individual needs, as well as informed by established and developing protocols.

Clinical data compiled from research studies, medical tests of our clients across a wide range of bio-markers, and anonymised case studies form a valuable ‘body’ of knowledge helpful to all interested in health and well-being.

Further clinical trials are now being developed to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of biodynamic treatments through physiological bio-markers, tools to measure psychological well-being, and bio-physical assessments.


Many people come to biodynamic work for simple well-being and happiness, quality relaxation, pleasure and flow, to maintain vital health and strength and to enhance the joy of living. 

Our professional biodynamic services are delivered through the work of the Biodynamic Clinic and with qualified therapists on the Register of Licenced Biodynamic Practitioners.

Biodynamic Treatments - What Option is Best for You? 

Initial Consultion and Treatment - 2 Hours

This can be one-off and contract ends here if no further treatment is indicated or undertaken. 

Ongoing Sessions 

One to One individual biodynamic psychotherapy and biodynamic massage sessions are given by therapists from our Register of Licensed Biodynamic Practitioners. We recommend a minimum of 15 hours (foundation phase) and then review, plus a further 3 x 15 hour phases up to 60 hours - in order to gain the optimum benefit from your biodynamic process. 

This can be delivered as ongoing weekly or fortnightly sessions, or as 'block therapy' over a series of days (see below). Your personalised programme will be discussed and mutually agreed at the first consultation, including provision for review.

'Block Therapy' (Day or Half Day Clinic) 

As an alternative to ongoing regular sessions this specialised service involves a series of 2.5 hour (half-day clinic) or 5 hours ( 2 x 2.5 hour with lunch break) - day clinic - morning and / or afternoon sessions over 6 half days or 3 full days (foundation phase) and beyond if required.  A unique and personal programme designed around you what you need at this point in your life. Especially for those who cannot attend for ongoing regular sessions because of travel or other difficulties, or who want help with a particular issue or phase in life, or who just need a boost, or to have time and space to be in a total biodynamic environment for relaxation and restoration.

Biodynamic Residential Retreats

Choose the time you want to devote to your personal well-being and self discovery and accomplish this effectively or integrate this with additional time for rest and recuperation within your retreat. Available in UK and Ireland.

3 - 12 day Retreats - 15 hours - 60 hours individual sessions

20 Days - Personalised Biodynamic Medical Restoration and Recuperation Programmes

30 - 60 Day Residential Programmes for Detox, Rehabilitaion, Post-Operative Care, Trauma Recovery, Life after Loss, Executive Stress / Professional Burnout, Other.

Accompanied excursions, nature walks, seaweed baths or equivalent and other activities are scheduled and integrated daily into each Biodynamic Residential Programme to suit the unfolding needs of each client. Individual menus and juices are prepared to cater for your diet and taste in all residential retreats. 

Biodynamic Treatments - What Option is Best for You? 


Introductory Weekends

In the 2-day Introductory Weekend we introduce the core theory and practice of biodynamic psychology and psychotherapy and the related treatments developed by clinical psychologist Gerda Boyesen. We demonstrate the use of the loudspeaker stethoscope and the essential aspects and applications of this approach through individual and group work.

Introductory Weekends are a pre-requisite for training with the Institute

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One Year Biodynamic Skills for Health Professionals Course

Training Course over 8 x 2.5day seminars + 30 hours one to one biodynamic sessions - for all health professionals includiing nurses, psychologists, social workers, holistic practitioners, psychotherapists, health care workers, teachers and other professionals who wish to include core biodynamic skills in their existing work. 

One Year Biodynamic Skills for Health Professionals Course 

Diploma in Biodynamic Psychotherapy

The long established four-year part time Diploma Course trains and qualifies you to practice as a biodynamic psychotherapist. This includes the field of biodynamic psychology and the related treatments developed by Gerda Boyesen.

After qualification IOBM licenses and supports you in setting up and running your own professional practice and maintaining your licence through Supervision and regular Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Diploma in Biodynamic Psychotherapy




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Welcome from Mary Molloy, Principal

We hope that you find our website a useful introduction to the Institute and its activities, as well as providing a wealth of information about the field of biodynamic medicine, biodynamic psychology and psychotherapy.

Gerda Boyesen was a remarkable and gifted woman who left a legacy of great importance for humanity. I am honoured to have known her for over 30 years and to have worked closely and extensively with her during some of this time.

The Institute has enteried a new phase in its commitment to make biodynamic psychology and psychotherapy and the related treatments developed by Gerda Boyesen more widely available in a new field of Biodynamic Medicine. 

We invite you to join us in this vital and exciting endeavour. We welcome all enquiries about research, training, treatment, courses and membership. Thank you for visiting our web site. We look forward to meeting you soon.

Mary Molloy



"I was having difficulty in my life, communication and relationships. I have been attending biodynamic sessions for 1 -2 years and it has helped me come to terms with how my past relationships have affected my present life. It has helped the development of improved communication skills, and has helped me to understand my body to a greater degree."


"The summer school is where I first met the extraordinary and gifted Mary Molloy. Mary is a true genius in her field. Through her help I have moved into a different space in my life and dealt with things that I didn't even know that I needed to deal with. I have become a much more spiritual and self aware person because of this."

GM. Participant

"Now as a practising biodynamic psychotherapist and Full Professional Member of GBII I am building a thriving psychotherapy practice. I have the backing of the Institute in setting up the premises, insurance, continued professional development, marketing, case studies and research. To add variety to my psychotherapy career, my next steps are to look at gaining a qualification in teaching biodynamic exercises in my Aikido classes where I can teach some grounding, relaxation and communication exercises to participants."

K N. GBII Licensed Biodynamic Psychotherapist

"I have always been fairly certain that I don't actually have an aura. But it turns out that I do, and a very responsive one at that. By moving her hands close to my head and body, but without actually touching the skin, she was able to induce the beginnings of the sound she was after - a more peaceful sound, like a babbling brook."

SH - Journalist. The Observer 1985

"I know of Mary Molloy through a patient who I saw before and after she went to Killala, Co Mayo, Ireland and received a week of 'block therapy' treatment from Mary at the Biodynamic Clinic where Mary works and teaches. It is one of the most profound cases of healing I have ever seen. I had the good fortune to do a thorough history, physical exam, laboratory testing, and review extensive medical records prior to her leaving and then to repeat those tests and exams afterwards. It would take a lot of space to recount the many manifestations that confirm healing happened on multiple levels in this letter, but let me say for now they were present when she returned to such a degree that what she and I have been working on since is how to integrate the return of so many abilities into her life. Working with Mary completely transformed her options for living, and I am in awe of the scope of what I have seen and felt with my own eyes and hands."

EF Medical Doctor - USA