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The Gerda Boyesen International Institute of Biodynamic Psychology and Psychotherapy Ltd (GBII) and its clinical arm The Biodynamic Clinic, have transformed the lives of many people by helping them to restore their natural health, peace of mind and emotional well-being...

Clinical Psychologist Gerda Boyesen (1922-2005) established a new branch of knowledge known as biodynamic psychology and psychotherapy. This knowledge is not limited to these applications. It is increasingly being applied in the field of trauma recovery, energy medicine, conflict resoluton, pre and post operative and post diagnosis care. 

Her findings are confirmed by new research and discoveries in cell biology and neuro science. Her theories throw new light on the important concept of 'life energy' and how this is regulated organically in the body, enabling the mind, body, spirit and soul to be re-sourced and free. 

Many people contact us who are in pain or are stressed, under pressure and finding it hard to cope, challenged by a serious illness, or at a turning point in their work or life. Many people also come for simple quality relaxation, pleasure and flow, to maintain vital health and strength and to enhance the joy of living.

Whether you are interested in ongoing one-to-one sessions; or a biodynamic retreat - 'block therapy' (6 - 24 hours over 1 - 5 days - residential); or you simply want to experience this approach in one of our experiential 2 day Introductory Weekends, Theme Workshops, Spring, Autumn or Winter 5 day Seminars, or at our 10 day Annual International Biodynamic Summer School, we look forward to seeing and working with you.

We are especially committed to full post-graduate level training in this field, to qualifying biodynamic psychotherapists and practitioners; and to training health and other professionals who wish to incorporate the biodynamic approach and biodynamic skills into their current profession or practice.

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Why not find out if the biodynamic work can be beneficial for you. You can contact us to discuss how we may help you; or arrange for an initial consultation and treatment to seek our professional opinion; or book a series of sessions for a specific reason or outcome; or you may wish to enjoy the many benefits of an ongoing, long-term biodynamic psychotherapy contract. You may also email or telephone us to discuss your needs.

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Biodynamic Retreat - 'Block Therapy'

A course of 6, 10, 12, 18, 20 or 24 hours one-to-one biodynamic sessions over 1 - 5 days. A residential retreat. A unique and personal programme designed around you and for what you need at this point in your life. Especially for those who do not want ongoing regular sessions, or who want help with a particular issue or phase in life or who just need to be in a total biodynamic environment for relaxation and restoration.

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Introductory Weekend

The 2-day experiential Introductory Weekend is a stand-alone workshop which does what it says. In this weekend we introduce the core theory and practice of biodynamic psychology and psychotherapy and the related treatments developed by clinical psychologist Gerda Boyesen. We demonstrate the use of the loudspeaker stethoscope and the essential aspects and applications of this approach through individual and group work.

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International Biodynamic Summer School + 3 - 5 Day Biodynamic Seminars and Retreats (Residential in Killala)

These regular annual quarterly events provide an opportunity for in-depth experience of and introduction to the benefits of the biodynamic philosophy and approach within a carefully selected group setting. We use enlightening and healing group exercises and processes within an easily accessible biodynamic environment in a rural sea-side setting in the west of Ireland.

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Biodynamic Skills for Health and Other Professionals - Foundation Course

Training Course over 4 x 5day seminars + 20 hours on to one biodynamic sessions - for nurses, psychologists, social workers, holistic practitioners, psychotherapists, health care workers, teachers and other professionals who wish to include core biodynamic skills in their existing work. Post Training Clinical Practice with Supervision Module offered for those who wish to offer specific biodynamic services. Stand alone Course or Foundation Course for the Diploma in Biodynamic Psychotherapy Course ( 3 further 20 Day Modules - Intermediate - Biodynamic Massage Methods, Advanced Course 1 - "Deep-Draining" and Biodynamic Vegetotherapy; Advanced 2 - Biodynamic Psychotherapy)

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Diploma in Biodynamic Psychotherapy

The four-year part time Diploma Course trains you to practice as a biodynamic psychotherapist. This includes the field of biodynamic psychology and the related treatments developed by Gerda Boyesen. Once you have qualified, GBII licenses and supports you in setting up and running your own professional practice and maintaining your qualifications through Supervision and regular Continuing Professional Development days (CPD).

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Welcome from Mary Molloy, Principal

We hope that you find our website a useful introduction to the Institute and its activities, as well as providing a wealth of information about the field of biodynamic psychology and psychotherapy.

Gerda Boyesen was a remarkable and gifted woman who left a legacy of great importance for humanity. I am honoured to have known her for over 30 years and to have worked closely and extensively with her during some of this time.
GBII is now entering a new phase in its commitment to make biodynamic psychology and psychotherapy and the related treatments developed by Gerda Boyesen, plus all of her literary works, more available worldwide.

We invite you to join us in this vital and exciting endeavour.We welcome all enquiries about training, treatment, courses and membership. Thank you for visiting our web site. We look forward to meeting you soon.

Mary Molloy


"This is energy work that goes to the cellular level of our human experiences and dissipates the energy for moving forward in living."

Carolyn Adams, Clinical Nurse Specialist

"I know of Mary Molloy through a patient who I saw before and after she went to Killala, Co Mayo, Ireland and received a week of 'block therapy' treatment from Mary at the Biodynamic Clinic where Mary works and teaches. It is one of the most profound cases of healing I have ever seen. I had the good fortune to do a thorough history, physical exam, laboratory testing, and review extensive medical records prior to her leaving and then to repeat those tests and exams afterwards. It would take a lot of space to recount the many manifestations that confirm healing happened on multiple levels in this letter, but let me say for now they were present when she returned to such a degree that what she and I have been working on since is how to integrate the return of so many abilities into her life. Working with Mary completely transformed her options for living, and I am in awe of the scope of what I have seen and felt with my own eyes and hands."

Dr David Grimshaw