Executive Committee (EXC)

The Executive Committee is responsible for the direction and ethos of the Institute and for all strategic management, financial, legal and administrative matters. Members of the Executive Committee are formally registered as Directors of the Company at Companies House.

EXC Members are:

Chair, Mary Molloy, Maurice Brooks, FCA ( Co. Secretary),  Gill Bell,  Sue Way

Marry Molly  Maurice Brooks Gill Bell   Sue Way


Professional Standards Committee (PSC)

The Professional Standards Committee reviews and advises the EXC on the standards required for entry to the profession of biodynamic psychology and psychotherapy. It advises the content and standard of all training courses, and is responsible to appoint a Panel to attend for assessment of the standards of training and clinical practice at the end of each academic year by arrangement with the Training Committee.

PSC Members are (from left to right):

Laura Irvine, Chair, Consultant: Michele Harris, Olive Kennedy, Jay Kelly

 Laura Irvine                             Michele Harris                       Olive Kennedy                          Jay Kelly  




Training Committee (TC)

The Training Committee is responsible through its Training Staff for delivery and monitoring of the training programme leading to Full Professional Membership of the Institute. This includes the reading and marking of all written assignments and the evaluation of learning outcomes in each year of training.

TC Members are:

Mary Molloy, Chair, Gill Bell, Joanna Ismail, Elizabeth Neave

Mary Molloy          Gill Bell          Joanna Ismail        Elizabeth Neave        


Members and Public Relations Committee (MPRC)

The MPRC is responsible for developing and maintaining Membership Services forIOBM Members, Public Relations, preparing all promotional material, and organising public events. Directors of IOBM can be co-opted on to the MPRC as required.

MPRC Members are:

Gill Bell, Chair,  Jay Kelly, Corinna Kitchen            

Gill Bell Jay Kelly       



Academic Committee (AC)

The Academic Committee ensures that the purity and rigour of the basic principles of biodynamic psychology and psychotherapy based upon the teachings and writings of Gerda Boyesen are maintained. All AC Members are Fellows of IOBM.

It is responsible for the preparation for publication of all of Gerda Boyesen’s writings. It is also responsible for the reading and marking of post-graduate theses, doctorates and other research papers prepared by students and Members of the Institute generally. It recommends to the Executive Committee those links with national and international bodies and universities that will best enhance the Institute’s academic standing and value to the Membership.

AC Members are:

Mary Molloy, Chair,  Alva Fitzgerald, (Consultant) Laura Irvine,  Maria Mendez Chavez, Michelle Quoilin (Consultant)                                                                                                                                             

Mary Molloy Alva Fitzgerald Laura Irvine Maria Mendez Chavez Michelle Quoilin



. .

Who We Are

IoBM Ltd is made up of its Members, Staff and Committees.

We have Fellows, Full Professional, Associated Professional and Student Members, Training and Clinical Staff and five Committees.

As a Company the Institute is managed by the Executive Committee. Specific responsibilities are delegated to the four other Committees of the Institute and in accordance with the Bye-Laws of IoBM Ltd, at least one Member of the Executive Committee has to be a Member of each other Committee. Committee Members are appointed by the Executive Committee and all Committees are voluntary.

All IoBM Full Members can apply to join a Committee in accordance with clear guidelines governing criteria for eligibility within an Equal Opportunities framework. IoBM depends on the valuable contributions made by its Committee Members, who bring ideas, vision, experience and skills to each meeting and work in teams to build and deliver a cohesive, dynamic, professional and exciting future for the Institute.

Committees report on the proceedings of their work at the Annual General Meetings of Members.

IoBM Ltd

IoBM Ltd is a Company Limited by Guarantee registered in England in 1989. Its main objectives are:

(A) With a view to the benefit of the community at large but not otherwise to promote and encourage


(i) The practice and application of biodynamic psychology and psychotherapy as developed by Gerda Boyesen in and to medical and other fields.

(ii) Education and training in biodynamic psychology and psychotherapy, its principles, practice and application.

(iii) The increase of knowledge in relation to biodynamic psychology and psychotherapy.

(iv) The diffusion of the knowledge of the advantages that accrue from the practice and application of biodynamic psychology and psychotherapy .


(B) To provide by means of the establishment or maintenance of a clinic or otherwise for


(i) the analysis according to the principles of biodynamic psychology and psychotherapy as developed by Gerda Boyesen of any persons; and

(ii) the psychotherapy according to the principles of biodynamic psychology and psychotherapy of any persons;

(iii) the physical or mental treatment according to the principles of biodynamic psychology and psychotherapy of patients suffering from mental and nervous diseases and disorders of any kind.


(C) To provide for the education and training (by means of lectures, classes, demonstrations or otherwise) and for the


(i) selection and testing (by written or oral, theoretical or practical examinations of any kind or otherwise) in accordance with standards to be from time to time prescribed by the Institute of candidates desirous of becoming analysts, psychotherapists or other practitioners according to the method and principles of biodynamic psychology and psychotherapy as developed by Gerda Boyesen, and to

(ii) grant Certificates or Diplomas to trained and qualified candidates.