IOBM Trainers

Mary Molloy Fellow IOBM BA [Hons] – Principal

Training and Clinical Director

Mary Molly

Mary Molloy graduated from Lancaster University in 1975, with an Honours Degree in Philosophy and Sociology with Law. She has been interested and involved in the human potential movement and the field of psychology and psychotherapy since 1969. She trained and qualified in Biodynamic Psychology and Psychotherapy at the Gerda Boyesen Centre in London, and has worked for over 25 years in this field in the UK and Ireland, mainland Europe and the USA.

She is committed to the full integration of biodynamic philosophy and methods into the field of medicine and to substantial research in this field.

Michelle Quoilin Fellow IOBM, UKCP - Guest Senior Trainer

Michele Quoilin

Michele Quoilin qualified in Belgium as a Teacher. She has been active and involved in the human potential movement and psychotherapy from the early 1970’s. She worked as a Teacher in a school committed to the Person Centred Approach of Carl Rogers in the 1970’s in Belgium and moved to London in 1976.

She qualified in Biodynamic Psychology and Psychotherapy at the Gerda Boyesen Centre in London and was a Senior Trainer with Gerda Boyesen in the UK and Europe for almost 10 years prior to becoming a Founding Member of the Institute in 1989.

She has over 25 years experience of working with individuals and groups in the biodynamic and humanistic field.

She is a Guest Senior Trainer and Supervisor of IOBM and maintains her private practice in North London and Guildford.

Michele Harris MBE, Fellow IOBM, CQSW - Senior Trainer

Michele Harris

Michele Harris MBE has worked in the field of Social Work with Adolescents as a Manager, Team Leader and Project Manager for over twenty-eight years. She trained and qualified in Biodynamic Psychology and Psychotherapy at the Gerda Boyesen Centre in London. She is a Supervisor and Trainer of IOBM and maintains her private practice in Surrey.

Gill Bell, B.Ed, Fellow IOBM  - Deputy Training Director

Gill Bell

Gill Bell graduated as a qualified Teacher at Roehampton University, London. She taught and performed creative dance before becoming Administrator of the Sligo Arts Festival where she organised community arts events. Since qualifying with IBPP in 1996 she has been actively involved in both the training and IoBM public events. She maintains her own practice in Strandhill, Sligo and works in The Biodynamic Clinics in Sligo, Killala and Shankill, Dublin. She is an IoBM Supervisor.

Olive Kennedy, Fellow IOBM - Senior Trainer

Olive Kennedy

Olive Kennedy qualified as a Biodynamic Psychotherapist in 1996. She lives in Killala where she practices at The Biodynamic Clinic and is Deputy Clinical Director there. She also works on a regular basis at The Biodynamic Clinic, Shankill, Co. Dublin and in her own practice in Dublin.

Olive has been actively involved with IOBM students at training and clinical practice level for over 15 years She is a supervisor of biodynamic and other qualified psychotherapists.

Maria Mendez Chavez, Member IOBM - Senior Trainer

Olive Kennedy

Maria completed her training at The Gerda Boyesen Centre in 1987 and joined the GBC Training staff until 1989. She taught biodynamic methods in Mexico part time for 4 years, and has travelled extensively. She co-facilitated stress managment training for primary school teachers.

In 1992 she gained a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of East London, and carried out Baby Observational Studies as part of her Psychoanalitical Studies at the Tavistock Clinic .

Since 1992, she has worked as an assistant teacher in a French Lycee in London, with children with special needs, applying biodynamic principles and creative activities. She is learning the Makaton Sign and Spoken language to add to her expertise. 


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IoBM Biodynamic Trainers, Tutors, Lecturers and Supervisors

In addition to the core IoBM Trainers, the Institute from time to time invites Visiting Trainers to lead specific aspects of the four year Diploma in Biodynamic Psychotherapy Course, or to offer CPD days.

IoBM offers an equal opportunity for all Full Practising Members and Fellows to become involved in the training programme of the Institute in accordance with a clear and steady career path or “ladder of opportunity”.

Throughout each stage, Members go through an apprenticeship during which time they receive the support and overview of the Training Director and other IoBM Trainers. As apprentices, all prospective Trainers are required to attend meetings, to submit written reports of their work experience, and discuss their insights and understanding of the biodynamic process of students.

Biodynamic Trainer

IoBM Members who wish to become an IoBM Licensed Subject Teacher, Trainer and Senior Trainer:

  • Can apply to become an Assistant and follow the process of a training group over four years for a specified number of hours. A policy of continuous assessment is maintained throughout this time.
  • Upon completion the Assistant prepares a report and gives a formal presentation of their work and experience to a panel of the Professional Standards Committee which makes an assessment and decision about competency
  • Assistants who are successful are invited to become an IoBM Subject Teacher and are invited to commence teaching of specific biodynamic methods in accordance with the IoBM curriculum and to lead some training weekends with an overview from the Training Director and other IoBM Senior Trainers.
  • After satisfactory completion of this stage, a Subject Teachers may be invited to become a Trainer, and eventually, a Senior Trainer of the Institute.

IoBM issues Practising Certificates and Practice Licences in the following categories at each stage of completion: Biodynamic Subject Teacher, Biodynamic Trainer and Biodynamic Senior Trainer.

Biodynamic Tutor

Licensed Biodynamic Psychotherapists who also hold the Diploma in Biodynamic Psychology, can become an IoBM Licensed Biodynamic Tutor by completing the apprentice phase of assisting GBII students with the preparation and presentation of their academic work during training and presenting their work to a panel of the Professional Standards Committee for review and assessment.

Biodynamic Lecturer

Licensed Biodynamic Psychotherapists who also hold the Diploma in Biodynamic Psychology, can become an IoBM Licensed Biodynamic Lecturer by preparing and delivering academic papers and research for approval by a panel of the Academic Committee. Agreed academic and research papers can be delivered internally and externally, within university, college, adult education and other academic programmes.

Biodynamic Supervisor

IoBM offers a clear path for Licensed Biodynamic Psychotherapists to become a IoBM Licensed Biodynamic Supervisor. IoBM makes a distinction between:

  • Supervision during training - which involves ensuring that Apprentices learn, understand, demonstrate their understanding and ares seen to practice in accordance with clear professional codes, and
  • Supervision of qualified Psychotherapists - where the responsibility for best practice rests solely with the Practitioner and the Supervisor provides a place for reflection, lifelong learning and a listening ear.

IoBM has opportunities for Members to become Supervisors of the clinical work of practitioners through various levels of competency, including during training (Apprentice level), immediately after qualification (Green-House level) and beyond qualification ( IoBM Licensed Biodynamic Psychotherapist).

IoBM Licensed Biodynamic Supervisors also offer Supervision to all other psychotherapists, counsellors, holistic practitioners and other health care professionals who wish to have a biodynamic input into their existing practice.


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