Gerda Boyesen wanted to fulfil her heartfelt obligation that Individuals who had trained and qualified with her in her prior organisations, and current Organisations that wished to be professionally associated with her as the founder of Biodynamic Psychology, could do so in a formal way through Membership of the Institute.

She established a legal and professional framework through a formal License Agreement with IOBM Ltd. This provided for the Licensing of eligible qualified biodynamic psychotherapists and biodynamic practitioners worldwide.

IOBM invites all eligible biodynamic graduates to join us and offers a wide range of Membership Services to all its Members.

Individual Members in current practice may apply for an IOBM Practising Certificate to reflect their level of qualification in the following categories:

  • Biodynamic Massage Therapist
  • Biodynamic Psychotherapist
  • Biodynamic Vegetotherapist
  • Deep-Draining Therapist

In addition, IOBM issues Practising Certicates for those who work with Groups – Biodynamic Group Leader - and in Training - Biodynamic Trainer, Biodynamic Supervisor.

Those Members who hold an IOBM Practising Certificate can apply for an IoBM Practice Licence, renewable annually, and be entered on the IOBM Register of Licensed Biodynamic Pracitioners.

Extract from IOBM Bye-Laws

There are two categories of Membership of the Institute:

(a) Individual Member ( "IM")
(b) Organisation Member ("OM") and

Within the category of IM there ARE three classes of Membership:

(a) Full Professional Member MIOBM
(b) Associated Professional Member AIOBM
(c) Student Member IOBM

Practising Members who have been in continuous Membership of the Institute and who have been in continuous practice for at least eight years can be designated as a Senior Biodynamic Practitioner in their level of practice.

The Fellowship of the Institute (Fellow FIOBM) can be conferred on Full Practising Members and equivalent others who have been practising for at least ten years and have made a significant contribution to the field of biodynamic psychology.


(a) Individual Member ("IM")

A person shall be eligible for admission and continue as an IM having satisfied the following criteria.

i) Full Professional Member (MIOBM)

Candidates have been awarded the 4-year Certificate in Biodynamic Psychotherapy (or its equivalent) by IOBM Ltd or by its predecessor organisations, Institute of Biodynamic Psychology and Psychotherapy, Gerda Boyesen Centre and GBII.

ii) Associated Professional Member (AIOBM)

Candidates have reached, in the opinion of the Professional Standards Committee, a comparable standard of training in Biodynamic Psychology and Psychotherapy with an OM or other training organisation as the standard for Full Professional Members.

All Individual Members can apply for a Practising Certificate of the Institute by applying to the Professional Standards Committee for same in the category of practice

Apply for Individual Membership

Apply for Individual Membership

(b) Organisation Member ("OM")

An Organisation shall be eligible for admission as an OM having met the following criteria:-

i) is a) a training only or b) an accreditation only or c) both a training and accreditation organisation whose training curriculum and whose requirements for Membership are wholly or, in part, substantially based upon the theories, methods and principles of biodynamic psychology and psychotherapy as developed by Gerda Boyesen, and

ii) The governing body of the organisation has applied for Membership of IoBM or has responded positively to an invitation to become an OM.

Organisations making application to IOBM will be requested to provide such details of training, membership and qualification criteria so as to enable the Professional Standards Committee to decide whether or not the above criteria have been met and enable it to make a recommendation to the Executive Committee for acceptance or otherwise.

An Organisation admitted as an "OM" is required to pay an annual Subscription Fee as a condition of continued Membership, the amount of which will be fixed annually by the Executive Committee and payable on admission and thereafter on 1st February of each calendar year following admittance.


. .


The IoBM Executive Committee has resolved that the grant of rights outlined in the License Agreement made between Gerda Boyesen and IoBM Ltd, will be used to enhance the whole profession and enable practitioners and others to have a clear understanding of the field and scope of biodynamic psychology and psychotherapy.

We want to develop resources for all biodynamic practitioners to enable them to work in peace and progress, to be proud of our profession and to have prosperity.

We want to facilitate access to Gerda Boyesen's writings, literary works and audio-visual materials for all.

We recognise that it is still important for this field to be defined.

We acknowledge and appreciate mutual relationships in the field to evolve in a way that enhances the profession, empowers practitioners and promotes knowledge, research and development.

We respect all other biodynamic practitioners and organisations that have maintained deep respect and appreciation for Gerda Boyesen and her life’s work over many, many years.

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