Gerda Boyesen, Gerda Boyesen International Institute of Biodynamic Psychology and Psychotherapy Ltd and Institute of Biodynamic medicine Ltd

Gerda Boyesen was born in Bergen in Norway on 18th May 1922. She died in London on 29th December 2005.

She was a Clinical Psychologist who established and developed the body of knowledge known as Biodynamic Psychology and Psychotherapy over 50 years.

Her books and other writings are a vivid account of how she developed her theories and concepts and demonstrate her understanding of the work of Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung and especially Wilhelm Reich in a profound and unusual way.

The far reaching effects of her lifelong research and findings are being proven in the fields of brain research, cell biology, neuro-science, gastro-enterology, psycho-immunology and health as well as in the medical fields which increasingly include energy medicine and psychological services.

Gerda Boyesen's family were instrumental in developing the broad scope and wider field known as biodynamic psychology based on Gerda Boyesen's original core theories and concepts. Each has developed these principles into new directions, establishing their own current training and membership organisations in their specialities in Europe and worldwide.

Gerda Boyesen was associated with several biodynamic and other member organisations and training bodies in Europe. Her own organisations were known as Gerda Boyesen Centre in London, and the original Gerda Boyesen International Institute with headquarters at the Chateau de la Salle in Macon, France and in London.

Gerda Boyesen appointed Mary Molloy as Director of the Gerda Boyesen Centre in London from 1983-1988, and Director and Training Director of the original Gerda Boyesen International Institute from 1985-1988. During these years they worked together to develop the extensive international training programme and Gerda Boyesen began to legalise arrangements for qualifying and licensing for those who had trained with her in this field. In 1986, through her solicitors, she sought an Opinion from Queen's Counsel in London to advise on how this may be best achieved.

Dennis Levy QC advised that a newly incorporated non-profit making company designated as an "Institute" with charitable objects, was the best and most appropriate kind of organisation for this purpose. He defined the parameters of the biodynamic work and gave an equitable framework for the use and development of this knowledge. It was also designed to enable qualified practitioners to practice their biodynamic speciality in medical and other fields as an equal professional "without let or hindrance".

This was settled in the Memorandum of Association

At that time, Gerda Boyesen chose not to follow the Advices of her Queens Counsel and legal team and she did not proceed with establishing company.

In December 1988 Mary Molloy resigned from her functions citing the need for Gerda Boyesen, as founder of biodynamic psychology and for students and graduates in the biodynamic field to have an organisation that was modern and fit-for-purpose.

In 1989 Mary Molloy incorporated the company limited by guarantee and named it The Institute of Biodynamic Psychology and Psychotherapy Ltd (IBPP Ltd). Its objectives were to teach and practice biodynamic psychology and psychotherapy and the related treatments as developed by Gerda Boyesen.




Re-opening of GBII

In 2001, some thirteen years later, following full, frank and constructive discussions with Mary Molloy at Gerda Boyesen's request, Gerda Boyesen made the decision to follow through her original intention and take ownership and responsibility for the company that was originally envisaged and settled by her QC & Legal team in 1986. Both agreed to work together again in this endeavour.


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Gerda Boyesen became a Subscriber and Director of the Institute of Biodynamic Psychology and Psychotherapy (IBPP Ltd), Chair of the Executive Committee and Principal of the Institute.

She took steps to secure the future of her work in different ways, including the registration of her name "Gerda Boyesen®" as a Trade Mark; the definition of her Method of "biodynamic psychology and psychotherapy and the related treatments developed by her" and the review of her clinical and other writings.

Later in 2001 she formally asked that IBPP change its name to become known as the Gerda Boyesen International Institute of Biodynamic Psychology and Psychotherapy Ltd in order that the identity of the organisation was clear.

Gerda Boyesen was Chair of the Executive Committee, Director and Principal of GBII Ltd from 2001 until her death in December 2005.

One of the reasons for these actions and steps was to fulfil her heartfelt obligation that all who had trained and qualified with her or in her prior organisations, and who wished to be professionally associated with her as the founder of Biodynamic Psychology, could do so in a formal way through Membership of the Institute bearing her name.

In addition, she wanted to provide a current legal and professional framework for the Licensing of all eligible qualified biodynamic practitioners worldwide.

This would initially involve GBII Ltd validating all prior Certificates of Training and Practising issued by all prior organisations connected with Gerda Boyesen and providing current certification for those who requested same.

Gerda Boyesen wanted to establish an International Biodynamic Register of GBII Licensed Biodynamic Psychotherapists and other Biodynamic Practitioners, eg Deep Draining Therapists, Biodynamic Vegetotherapists, Biodynamic Group Leaders, Supervisors, Subject Teachers and Trainers, and to offer ongoing and relevant professional support and Membership services to Organisations and Individuals.

The GBII International Biodynamic Register was to be published to enable members of the public to access professional biodynamic services and to enable such services to be offered with a clear identity and in a cohesive manner.

From 2001, Gerda Boyesen wrote extensively, gave twice weekly and often daily lectures, supervision and teaching to GBII Members in London, led the "Meeting People" seminars in Germany and Kensington in London and led the International Biodynamic Summer Schools and Seminars in Killala, Co Mayo over several years.

She was regularly involved in supervising the new GBII training and clinical teaching programme in Ealing Broadway and revised her whole deep-draining and biodynamic vegetotherapy methodology as well as continuing to develop theories connected with neuro-science, the brain-gut axis and work with the bio-field and stethoscope et al. From 2003, at her request, GBII Ltd moved some of its training, clinical, administration and supervision operations to Gerda Boyesen's home in London and she held GBII training lectures and seminars there. GBII Ltd did not offer further training from 2003 in order to focus on the collating of her writings and recording her teachings.




License Agreement With Gerda Boyesen

In June 2004, the first Doctorate of the Institute was conferred on Gerda Boyesen at the Town Hall in Ealing Broadway in London. The citation listed GBII's recognition of her lifelong clinical and humanitarian work, her outstanding achievements and contributions to knowledge and the quality of life. It was noted that, her understanding of ancient universal principles combined with biodynamic technologies and methods, can change the direction of medicine, science and research to a gentler and more simple, humane and loving future.

During 2004 Gerda Boyesen made formal arrangements to register her name "Gerda Boyesen" as a Registered Trade name and Trade Mark.

In March 2005 she entered a License Agreement with GBII Ltd in which she granted the rights to GBII to use her Registered Trade Mark "Gerda Boyesen"; to teach and promote the Method of biodynamic psychology and psychotherapy and the related treatments developed by Gerda Boyesen; to offer Membership Services for Organisational and Individual Members; to publish and disseminate her writings, and to grant Practice Licences to qualified biodynamic practitioners to establish a Practice and to practice in ( territory) the World.

The License Agreement entered into between Gerda Boyesen and GBII Ltd has very clear mutual terms and conditions. It expresses GBII's rights as being rights "in perpetuity" and, as was envisaged at the time they were granted, irrevocable. It is fully inclusive and is designed solely to enable and empower all qualified biodynamic practitioners to work in confidence and peace in a unified and recognisable field.

Following the implementation of the License Agreement, GBII Ltd was charged by Gerda Boyesen (including in the event of her death or permanent incapacity) with the responsibility of providing Individual Membership and Practice Licences, and Organisational Membership to all eligible Applicants who wish to state and renew their legal and professional association with her as the Founder of Biodynamic Psychology through the GBII Register of Licensed Biodynamic Psychotherapists and Practitioners and Organisations

Gerda Boyesen continued to lead GBII as Principal and to teach and write until shortly before her death in December 2005.

In 2015 the name of GBII was changed by persission of the Secretary of State to Institute of Biodynamic Medicine Ltd - to reflect advances in the application of Gerda Boyesen's clinical work and research developments into the wider medical field. 

Individual Membership of the Institute is open to all who trained at the Gerda Boyesen Centre or with the original GBII, or at any other organisations associated with Gerda Boyesen and who is or wishes to be, in current practice. 

Organisational Membership is open to all independent organisations which offer training only, membership only, or training and membership in the field of biodynamic psychology as developed by Gerda Boyesen.




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Gerda Boyesen reading Client Case Notes at The Biodynamic Clinic in Ealing 2004

Gerda Boyesen reading Client Case Notes at The Biodynamic Clinic in Ealing 2004

Gerda Boyesen working and teaching at The Biodynamic Clinic

Citation prior to Gerda Boyesen receiving GBII Doctorate

Gerda Boyesen, Principal GBII at Graduation Ceremony in Ealing Town Hall, 2005

Gerda Boyesen, Principal GBII at Graduation Ceremony in Ealing Town Hall, 2005


Citation prior to Gerda Boyesen receiving Doctorate in 2004

Citation prior to Gerda Boyesen receiving Doctorate in 2004

Conferring the Honour of Doctor

GBII Fellows Michele Harris and Michelle Quoilin, with Mary Molloy at the conferring of the Institute's Doctorate on Gerda Boyesen in London 2005

Conferring the Honour of Doctorate

Conferring the Honour of Doctor

The Doctorate is Conferred

Gerda Boyesen - The Doctorate is Conferred


Gerda Boyesen with GBII Fellows Michele Harris, Michele Quoilin, Mary Molloy, Olive Kennedy and Gill Bell (newly conferred)

GBII Fellows, Members and Graduates with Gerda Boyesen

GBII Fellows, Members and Graduates with Gerda Boyesen