In addition to working with a wide range of clients in and under supervision of the Biodynamic Clinic, apprentice biodynamic practitioners have the opportunity to work with specialised groups and organisations during their training through our Biodynamic Community Services Programme.

Diploma in Biodynamic Psychotherapy

IOBM has delivered biodynamic community services in the following establishments:

  • Heathermount School - Ascot, Berkshire - with autistic children and young adults aged 8-18
  • St Georges Hospital - Tooting, in the oncology, haematology and palliative care departments
  • Wandsworth Cancer Support Centre - with cancer patients and their family and friends
  • Immune Development Trust – caring for clients with immune system related conditions – cancer, HIV/Aids, Lupus and MS
  • Battlebridge Centre - Kings Cross – working with the homeless
  • Emmanuel House – Leonard Cheshire Home and other Homes for the Care of the Elderly 
  • Mayo Women’s Refuge and Support Centre - caring for frontline workers dealing with those suffering from the effects of domestic violence;
  • In-Touch Centre  - Islington for the blind and partially sighted,
  • Tresham Day Centre  - for those suffering from Alzheimers disease,
  • Bootham Park Hospital, York - for patients with mental health conditions,
  • Core Trust - North London, working with people whose lives are adversely affected by alcohol or drugs,
  • Home Office – with ex Offenders,
  • Azalea House - Home for the Elderly in Ealing
  • St Augustine's Hospital and Nursing Home, Ballina, Co Mayo, Ireland
  • Killala Community Centre - Senior Citizens
  • Western Care Association - at Killala Community Centre

The Biodynamic Clinic offers low cost treatments, with a qualified supervisor present, from apprentice practitioners who enter a Voluntary Service Agreement during training. Apprentice biodynamic practitioners can work under supervision in all Biodynamic Clinics.

After practitioners have gained adequate experience in this model, and have been seen to fulfil professional standards of practice, they can apply to register a place of practice, which can be in their own home if a clear space is provided, or in an established centre, in either case, approved by the Professional Standards Committee. They can then begin to practice independently, and meet in regular supervision groups.

Diploma in Biodynamic Psychotherapy


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Biodynamic Clinic Community Services Team St George's Hospital, Tooting, London 1995

Biodynamic Clinic Community Services Team St George's Hospital, Tooting, London 

Apprentice Biodynamic Psychotherapists treating patients at St George's Hospital, London 

Laura Irvine St George's Hospital, London 1996

Laura Irvine

Suzy Maxwell St George's Hospital, London 1996

Suzy Maxwell


Battle Bridge Centre

Battle Bridge Centre for the Homeless 

Battle Bridge Centre

Battle Bridge Centre, Kings Cross, London


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