Block Therapy - The Biodynamic Retreat

The facility of block therapy is one of the longest established services offered through the Biodynamic Clinic. Block therapy is also known as the 'Biodynamic Retreat' because it offers the opportunity to be away from everyday concerns and have quality time and attention - just for you.

Block therapy is also a very real and practical solution if you have far to travel, have reached a plateau in your current therapy, or need to take time out to address a particular issue or health matter.

The Quay Cottages in Quay Road, Killala, home of the Biodynamic Clinic, are currently undergoing re-furbishment and will re-open in Spring 2014. Meanwhile all professional biodynamic services are still available at The Four Winds in Ross, Killala.

Please contact us if you think that this service will be beneficial for you. We can design a personal treatment programme specifically tailored to your needs. 

Block Therapy (the Biodynamic Retreat) consists of a series of 6-10-15 hours - over 1, 2 or 3 days, or 20 hours (all residential) taken as 4 hours daily over 5 days, or 5 hours daily over 4 days.

Fees: Mary Molloy - Clinical Director - £130 per hour and pro-rata

Senior Biodynamic Therapists - £80 per hour and pro-rata

Accommodation and All Meals: plus £80 per person per night 

Please Note: All Fees for Block Therapy must be paid IN ADVANCE:


Please pay by BACS Transfer to:

Account No: 70055247

Sort Code: 20-42-73

Account Name: Gerda Boyesen International insitute of Biodynamic Psychology and Psychotherapy Ltd. Name of Bank: Barclays Bank PLC

Please Note: Hospital, Corporate or Home Visits can also be arranged.

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"Mary then treated various areas of my body (neck, back and shoulders) with firm massage where I had suffered extreme pain and tension for many years and in fact also had surgery on one shoulder which resulted in ongoing pain for the last 4 years. All I can say is that since then the whole area is wonderfully relaxed and comfortable - I can't believe it - check back in 3 months time. Can you imagine, a wonderfully relaxed neck and back where for years all stress and tension had manifested - quite amazing"

BC, Client

"Mary is a master of maintaining connection between all participants willing to enter the flow."

Rev CH - Participant

"The biodynamic view of my migraine (for the past 30 years) as "blocked energy" is so true. I now know that I have been blocking myself under the false illusion that my armouring was protecting me from feeling hurt, vulnerable. Because of my therapy I can now accept all of me, my humanness, my sadness, my gladness, my anger, my love, my fear."

NP. Client

"I attended three international summer schools and found them to be catalytic and enormously profound in their impact, with access to a gifted team of biodynamic therapists in the amazingly beautiful location of Killala, Co Mayo. They were also a lot of fun."

ND. Participant

"It was good to meet everyone I know and some I had not met before. All of the speakers affected me in different ways - inspiring, exciting, moving, loving, sadness."

IL IoBM Licensed Biodynamic Psychotherapist