Block Therapy 

The facility of block therapy is one of the longest established services offered through the Biodynamic Clinic. Block therapy offers the opportunity to consolidate the experience of your biodynamic process with extended quality time and attention in each extended session of 2.5  hours. We recommend a series of 15 hours as a foundation taken as 6 x 2.5 hour - half day clinics or 3 x 5 hour - day clinic - with lunch break, and review to complete, continue or revert to ongoing 1hour or 1.5 hour regular sessions. 

Block therapy is a very supportive and practical solution if you have far to travel, have reached a plateau in your life or process, or you wish to make the choice to take extra time to experience deeper self-discovery or to address a particular issue or health matter.

Please Note: Hospital, Corporate or Home Visits can also be arranged.


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"I experienced a vegetotherapy session with Mary Molloy which was transformational, and resolved the feelings of conflict, shame, guilt and grief which I was suffering at the time. For maybe the first time ever, I felt I mattered and was important. I thought "this is for me!"

HC Client

"I have found these sessions invaluable. The psychotherapy is essential for my emotional well being and the treatments have kept me well and, alleviated any symptoms I had at the time of my sessions"

G.M. Client

"The best part of the conference was the biodynamic contact with colleagues because it was such an encouraging and inspiring environment. Also the papers delivered were instructive and enlightening."

PJ IoBM Licensed Biodynamic Psychotherapist

"I have found working with L, truly profound at all times her dedication to me and to my health, well-being and psyche where and are illuminating, gentle and insightful. I am given the space to explore at the pace I require and whatever my needs are, they are met fully and securely, but the most important aspect of my treatments with L is that I enjoy them and I feel great."


"My training was life transforming and has helped me to evolve and grow in trust and love. I am changed, my relationships relationships are more satisfying and I am happy."

NL. GBII Graduate and Client