The Biodynamic Clinic was established by Mary Molloy in 1989 in Ealing Broadway and later in Harley Street in London and in Quay Cottages, Killala, Co. Mayo, Ireland in order to fulfil Object 2 of the Memorandum of Association of the Gerda Boyesen International Institite of Biodynamic Psychology and Psychotherapy Ltd now Institute of Biodynamic Medicine Ltd.

The Second Objective of the Memorandum of Association of IOBM Ltd states the following:


"(B) To provide by means of the establishment or maintenance of a clinic or otherwise for

(i) the analysis according to the principles of biodynamic psychology and psychotherapy as developed by Gerda Boyesen of any persons; and

(ii) the psychotherapy according to the principles of biodynamic psychology and psychotherapy as developed by Gerda Boyesen of any persons; and

(iii) the physical or mental treatment according to the principles of biodynamic psychology and psychotherapy as developed by Gerda Boyesen of patients suffering from mental and nervous diseases and disorder of any kind."


The Biodynamic Clinic is the Clinical arm of IOBM Since 1989 it has provided the supervised clinical training framework for all IOBM Apprentices up to qualification and beyond. It offers professional services and IOBM registered premises for all biodynamic practitioners by agreement. The Biodynamic Clinic provides a recognisable biodynamic professional service and liaises with many other organisations in offering choices for health.

We offer the full range of biodynamic psychology and psychotherapy methods and the related treatments developed by clinical psychologist, Gerda Boyesen (1922-2005).

Licensed Biodynamic Practitioners in all Biodynamic Clinics agree to contribute to a confidential (anonymous) database of clients, in order to develop clinical evidence for the effectiveness and application of biodynamic work for all modalities to access, via our clinical research database and library under the evolving IOBM Biodynamic Medicine Research Council.

The confidential medical and other research information that is collated is valuable not only to all biodynamic practitioners, but also to any student or practitioner interested in the origin and treatment of disease. Within this framework, treatment protocols are discussed, shared and developed; standards of practice are constantly updated and improved and through life-long learning, peer-group review and sharing, Clinic Director and Deputies, Biodynamic Supervisors and the GBII Professional Standards Committee - IOBM Biodynamic Practitioners can evolve and also keep abreast of current developments and standards in the field.

Many people who have benefited from the biodynamic approach experienced in The Biodynamic Clinic become interested in learning how it works, and commence training as biodynamic psychotherapists themselves.

The main Biodynamic Clinics are in Bristol, Lewes, Feltham and London in the UK as well as in Killala, Co. Mayo, Strandhill, Sligo and Ballintrillick, Co Sligo and Dublin in Ireland.

By agreement with the Biodynamic Clinic Founder Mary Molloy - each IOBM Licensed Biodynamic Psychotherapist or other Biodynamic Practitioner eg Biodynamic Massage Therapist, Biodynamic Group Leader, Biodynamic Supervisor can apply to have the full legal right, administered and monitored by IOBM Ltd, to use the Registered Business Name "The Biodynamic Clinic" in accordance with clear Terms and Conditions.


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GBII and The Biodynamic Clinic, Quay Cottages, Killala Co. Mayo, Ireland

GBII and The Biodynamic Clinic, Quay Cottages, Killala Co. Mayo, Ireland

(currently undergoing extensive refurbishment) Re-Opening Spring 2015

Quay Cottages at Dusk with tide in

Quay Cottages at dusk with tide in at the historical port town of Killala, Co Mayo





"My biodynamic training was a profoundly loving and spiritual journey for me. It has brought so many positive changes to my life that I thought impossible. Because of these changes I feel well prepared as I practice my biodynamic work. I was helped to break down the walls that I had built around myself as protection and realised that the walls kept the world out there and I was trapped inside. I learned to embrace the aspects of me that I had been resisting, moved forward and no longer allowed my past to control me. I gradually changed the way I cope with things, the way I view the world and how I see the world viewing me. I have a greater sense of self and more confidence. I began to learn what it meant to be in my body and that helped me in my life. I developed a trust of my body feelings so I did what was right for me, in particular with regard to my health. I changed the way I communicated to a more positive way, with friends, colleagues, and I will be forever grateful for the way it deeply affected my relationship with my beautiful daughter. I am able to express love and allow in the love that is offered to me. I found my own beauty and love and I enjoy the pleasure of being able to reach out and connect to others."

KL. Graduate and Client

"I travelled from the USA to avail of the specialised biodynamic sessions with Mary Molloy in Killala. I am so grateful for the opportunity to work in-depth and intensively over 5 days rather than weekly sessions, and for someone like me, who does not have this facility, such a service is a god-send. Thank You. I am still feeling the positive effects of my sessions with you some months later."

JS Client

"My training enabled me to know my vulnerability and strength and to embrace both for my life. That I have needs, was a revelation to me, that I can have my needs met was a liberation. I CAN have all my needs met before I die, the very idea blew my mind and enabled a liberation in my cells, the sheer joy of living and dying in peace, no longer tormented or driven by unfulfilled needs, the world needs to know this, to know this simple healing principle."

RM GBII Licensed Biodynamic Practitioner