Visiting Biodynamic Clinics

GBII had a successful and inspiring visit to Michigan, USA, where we delivered a Weekend Workshop and three-day Biodynamic Clinic.

Led by Mary Molloy, Principal with a team of GBII Licensed Biodynamic Practitioners, the weekend took place in the Clinical Psychology Department of Michigan State University, a fitting place for the work of Gerda Boyesen whose background was as a Clinical Psychologist.

The workshop was attended by 20 health professionals including doctors, psychiatrists and clinical psychologists. The participants were fascinated and deeply moved by the depth of the work they experienced and witnessed, and were enthusiastic about future return visits.

During the three day clinic, we treated 40 clients, some of whom had attended the workshop, and had a waiting list of people we were unable to see on this occasion. Dr David Grimshaw, generously gave us the use of four treatment rooms and offices for the duration of the Biodynamic Clinic, and he and his staff warmly welcomed us in the Center for Integrative Medicine in Okemos near East Lansing, Michigan, a family practice with a holistic approach to health.

We have found this combination of a Biodynamic Clinic where people can experience individual treatments, along side an experiential workshop which introduces the biodynamic methods, to be particularly successful and rewarding and have followed this model in UK and Ireland.

If you would like a team of GBII Licensed Biodynamic Practitioners to bring a visiting Biodynamic Clinic to your business/ organisation/ area, please let us know your requirements and we will do our best to facilitate you.

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GBII Staff and Participants in Michigan State University

GBII Staff and some participants at the biodynamic workshop in Michigan State University USA

In centre, seated, Dr David Grimshaw and his wife, Beth, who generously invited us to Michigan and sponsored the use of consulting rooms for the 3 day Biodynamic Clinic. 2nd row (purple top) Professor Cris Sullivan from MSU who gave permission for GBII to use the University Lecture Hall and facilities and who hosted all GBII Staff at her home. Thank You to all.