Biodynamic Skills Course 2018

For healthcare and holistic practitioners

Welcome from Mary Molloy, Principal

Welcome to our Biodynamic Skills Course for healthcare and holistic practitioners.

If you are seeking additional skills for your practice; wish to explore, experience and develop yourself in new and exciting ways; or are looking to take the first step in entering a truly caring profession, we would be delighted to hear from you.

Thank you for your interest in the biodynamic approach. We look forward to meeting you soon.

Mary Molloy


Explore the biodynamic approach…

                                …and unlock its life-changing potential


Join us on our Biodynamic Skills Course to dive deeply into the biodynamic way of working, and discover its vast potential for healing and growth.


Your biodynamic journey starts here

The Biodynamic Skills Course offers the ideal starting point for those wanting to learn more about the biodynamic philosophy and way of working, developed by clinical psychologist Gerda Boyesen over 50 years and evolved by the Institute since 1989.

Biodynamic methods are designed to activate, and optimise, the innate healing mechanism of the body, known as ‘psycho-peristalisis’, which occurs in the gut or gastro-intenstinal tract.

Gerda discovered that this mechanism ‘the great secret’ is something that is available to us all, and once unlocked, it has enormous potential to release the effects of emotional conflict and restore balance and health in both the body and mind.


New skills for your practice

Drawing on a number of branches, including medicine, psychology and psychotherapy – together with specialised massage and bodywork treatments – biodynamic interventions work in a powerful way to restore the flow of ‘life energy’ through the body.

Unresolved emotions can be worked through, stress and tension released, and pain and symptoms arising from many conditions can be reduced. Freeing bio-energy in a person’s body can also bring feelings of deep relaxation, as well as increased clarity, vitality and confidence.

If you are a healthcare or holistic practitioner, learning more about this approach can be hugely beneficial – giving you new skills and powerful therapies to incorporate into your work with your clients.


“There is a healing mechanism that dissolves muscle and nervous tension and resolves emotional and psychological conflict on the organic and unconscious level.  This mechanism is known as ‘psycho-peristalsis’ to indicate the dual function of the gastro-intestinal tract to also resolve emotional distress”     Gerda Boyesen


The biodynamic approach – at a glance

  • Designed to activate the body’s innate healing mechanism
  • Offers a powerful set of therapeutic tools and ideas you can use in your work with others – and yourself
  • Can be used to restore the flow of energy in the body, resolve tension and stress, and bring greater clarity, balance and health


Learn the concepts, experience the practice

Our Biodynamic Skills Course has been designed specifically for healthcare and holistic practitioners.

Over the course of six months you will:

  • Explore the key biodynamic concepts. We will walk you through the key ideas underpinning this gentle but highly effective way of working, and share key findings from the body of research supporting its therapeutic value.


  • Learn about cycles. We will explain how biodynamic methods can be used to work with unresolved emotions, including those that arise during, or as a result of other interventions and sometimes from general practice. Freeing bio-energy in the body can help to ‘complete’ emotional and physiological cycles, to bring much-needed relief and release and restore circulation on all levels.


  • Gain biodynamic skills. You will go away with powerful tools and skills to incorporate into your practice and your life as a whole, helping in your work with clients, but also more broadly, helping in areas such as self regulation and boundary setting.


  • Experience biodynamic work for yourself. The experiential aspect of the training is key. You will feel the effects of biodynamic work for yourself, working in pairs and small groups. You will also have the opportunity to practise biodynamic methods with your fellow students under supervision.


  • Work with the leaders in this field. Our course is taught by experienced practitioners from the Institute of Biodynamic Medicine, a leading organisation in this field. All tutors are also licensed biodynamic psychotherapists and trainers and are interested in international research into the therapeutic benefits of the biodynamic approach.


My biodynamic training was for me a safe, secure, loving environment, in which I was guided lovingly, nurtured, and supported to start my inward journey. Because of my training, I have reconnected with my ‘self’ in a caring, non-judgemental and compassionate way.

Training participant


The course

The Biodynamic Skills Course is stand-alone or can be the platform to train and qualify further with the Institute depending on your needs and interests.

On the course: you will be introduced to biodynamic philosophy and concepts, and gain first-hand experience of this approach. We will work with you to develop biodynamic qualities and skills that you can use in your current work, and we will share valuable tools for self-regulation and exploration.

We will look at how you apply the biodynamic concepts and principles in your professional setting, and how you can use the methods to enrich your practice and life.


The course has just the correct balance of psychological and body work. I have had the privilege of meeting the most fantastic, interesting and genuine people from different walks of life. This Institute is the Institute in the field and it was a privilege to see how Gerda Boyesen's core values have been incorporated into the training.”  Training participant


A closer look at what’s covered



  • Core biodynamic theory and principles
  • The ‘primary personality’
  • Psycho-peristalsis
  • Use of the loudspeaker stethoscope
  • Self-regulation
  • Independent wellbeing


Self and body

  • Healing through creative imagery and touch
  • Working with the bio-field
  • Streamings and orgonomy (Reich)
  • Vaso-motoric and psychodynamic cycles
  • Emotional blood circulation
  • Health and flow


Biodynamic massage theory and concept

  • Tension and charge, hyper and hypo-tonus
  • Rhythm and breath, diaphragm as ‘gate to the unconscious’
  • Emptying, exit and distribution
  • Holding
  • Ileo-caecal valve
  • Harmonisation


‘Deep draining’

  • Dissolving ‘armour’
  • ‘Behind each and every posture change can be a revolution in psychological understanding’
  • Integrating change into everyday life


Vegetotherapy and the segments

  • Pulsation, streamings, character and health
  • Seven segments: eyes, jaw, throat, chest, diaphragm, abdomen, pelvis
  • Gerda Boyesen character types: stone, warrior, sunshine
  • Letting id  (the unconscious) speak
  • ‘Great secret’ of vegetative release


Biodynamic group work

  • Biodynamic processes for groups
  • Understanding psychodynamic aspects in group work
  • Experiential exercises for expressing, building, resolving, completing, containing, grounding, boundaries, and the midwife approach


Biodynamic psychotherapy

  • Developing the art of listening and rooted talking
  • Positive regression, dreams and imagination
  • Communication, intention and paying attention
  • Therapeutic presence
  • Biodynamic attitude
  • Understanding how by talking it through we can work it out
  • Transference and counter transference


Biodynamic relating

  • The art of biodynamic relating
  • Meeting people
  • Creative expression
  • Moving forward
  • Polyvagal theory and the value of social interaction
  • Nurturing the soul
  • The benefits of positive thinking
  • Alignment of heart, brain, gut and breath
  • Holistic living and biodynamic health


Review of course content and completion

  • Review of the course content
  • The way forward – options and choices
  • Applications of the biodynamic approach
  • The importance of the initial consultation
  • Principles of supervision and mentoring


Course details

You can attend the Biodynamic Skills Course with us in a number of locations around the world, including the UK, Ireland, Dubai and New York.



  • If you study with us in the UK or Ireland: you will attend one training weekend a month (Saturday and Sunday) over six–months


  • If you study with us in the EU, USA, or Dubai: you will attend four days of training every two months (Friday to Monday) over six months or (long haul) six days of training twice over six months



We use quality training venues and accommodation settings, to make sure you enjoy a comfortable and relaxing experience while training with us.



The Biodynamic Skills Course is led by Mary Molloy, Principal of the Institute of Biodynamic Medicine, and Gill Bell, Deputy Training Director, plus other senior and visiting staff with assistants.


Mary Molloy

Mary Molloy is the founder and principal of the Institute of Biodynamic Medicine and the Biodynamic Clinic. She graduated from Lancaster University in 1975, with an Honours Degree in Philosophy and Sociology with Law. She trained and qualified in biodynamic psychology and psychotherapy with Gerda Boyesen at the Gerda Boyesen Centre in London; was Training and Clinical Director of the Gerda Boyesen International Institute, working closely with Gerda for many years and has trained hundred of students over 30 years in the UK and Ireland, mainland Europe and the USA. Mary is committed to the full integration of biodynamic philosophy, principles and methods into the field of medicine and to further substantial research and clinical trials in this field.


Gill Bell

Gill qualified as a primary school teacher at Roehampton University, London and having developed her interest in the arts, became Administrator of the Sligo Arts Festival. She has over 20 years’ experience as a biodynamic psychotherapist and offers biodynamic mentoring for people who need a place to work through any matters arising from their work. She is also a licensed biodynamic trainer, supervisor and group leader. Gill maintains her practice in Strandhill, County Sligo, Shankill, County Dublin and Killala, County Mayo and is a board member of the Institute of Biodynamic Medicine. 


Deepen your experience


In addition to attending training, we ask that you undertake a programme of 12 hours (2 hours monthly) of your own biodynamic sessions with a licensed biodynamic psychotherapist. Experiencing the biodynamic methods for yourself in individual sessions is a key component of the course. It will help you to gain maximum benefit from learning with us, and give you additional insight into the methods and skills you are exploring. We will arrange these sessions for you through the Institute.

Please note, the cost of these sessions is not covered in our course tuition fees.


Further your skills


If you are in current practice, we can arrange one-to-one supervision or mentoring with a licenced biodynamic supervisor both during the course and beyond. Supervision offers the opportunity to reflect further on your biodynamic skills and experiences, and how you can continue to integrate them into your practice.  Mentoring provides a place and support for you to talk through any matters arising from your work and for you to develop your own ideas and solutions.


At the end of the course


Upon completion of the Biodynamic Skills Course, you will receive a certificate as evidence of your attendance with us. At this stage, you will be ready to integrate your biodynamic skills and insights into your practice and life.

If at the end of the course, you would like to take things further and train to become a qualified and licenced biodynamic practitioner, we offer a range of 1- 4 year courses. (see below) 

In order to qualify and become licenced to practice you will also need to complete our Clinical Practice with Supervision modules related to each level of training,


The biodynamic training, Mary, her great team and my fantastic group helped me back from the hell I had been living in and enabled me to really start living my life. My training was the best gift I could have ever given to myself.  Training participant


Course fees 


Registration fee

£100 / €120 / $150


Tuition fees:

Biodynamic Skills Course



£1,800 / €1950 / $ 2700


Payment options:


  • Pay the full amount when you register to receive a £100 / €100 / $100 discount
  • Three instalments of £600 / €650 / $900 on Registration and on third and fifth meetings
  • Initial payment of £600 / €650 / $900 on Registration and four payments by standing order of £300 / €325 / $450 monthly thereafter

Institute of Biodynamic Medicine student membership:

£60  / € 75 / $100 (payable on registration)




Related costs


Individual biodynamic psychotherapy sessions:


£60  / €70 / $140 per hour – payable to the biodynamic psychotherapist at each session.

Course requirement: 12 hours

Accommodation and travel

Allow £50 / €60 / $75 per day for ‘bed and breakfast’ and all meals. You will also need to cover the cost of return travel to your chosen training venue

Loudspeaker stethoscope – available through the Institute:

Approx. £260 - £500 depending on model you choose

Treatment couch - available through the Institute:

£250 - £450, depending on which model you choose



"Based on the amazing discoveries of Gerda Boyesen, this therapy was a completely new, holistic understanding of the physical and emotional workings of the body. No drugs or medications are used; just this deep knowledge and gentle massage techniques of releasing compromised energy channels, in order to re-establish the original free-flow of energy functions.

I can recommend this work most highly to any age group.”   Client


How to apply

If you are interested in applying for a place on our Biodynamic Skills course, please:

  • Register your interest by filling in and returning the form online or at the end of this brochure.
  • Include a copy of your CV with two photographs and a personal statement (up to 1,000 words) summarising your reasons for applying and how you would like to use your biodynamic skills.

Once we have received your application, we will contact you to arrange an interview. We may do this in person, or by phone or Skype, depending on where you are based.

We will discuss your interest and what you would like to gain from training with us, and you will have the opportunity to ask any questions about the course or Institute and how the training works.

In some cases (but not all), we may suggest that you attend an introductory weekend with us, or a block of individual biodynamic sessions before continuing with your application.


Admissions Procedure

For the training to work in the most effective way, we take care to ensure each group has the right balance of people who will work well together and benefit from learning and experiencing the biodynamic approach.

We are looking for applicants with:

  • a good standard of education or qualifications
  • a commitment to applying themselves at a professional level
  • a keen interest in their own learning and the biodynamic approach
  • Sufficient personal and financial resources to be able to undertake this course including payment of tuition fees, individual biodynamic sessions, travel and accommodation costs and related course materials
  • current membership of a professional body
  • experience or knowledge of related fields such as health, medicine, psychotherapy, counseling, holistic or complementary therapies

We recognise the value of experience gained from all areas of life, particularly experience you regard as being important. Personal life experiences can become important qualities for practicing biodynamic skills.




We will ask you to disclose your current legal status; psychiatric history (if any) addiction related history (if any) current or past diagnosed medical conditions (if any) and criminal convictions (if any). The opportunity to train will not be denied on any grounds that are unrelated to the suitability and competence of an applicant to undertake this training.


Letter of Offer

If your application is accepted we will send you a letter of offer, setting out the Institute’s terms and conditions, and a contract of training. We will ask you to sign and return your contract, and when this is received, your place on the course will be confirmed.


Overseas students

As an international Institute, we warmly welcome students from all countries. We support genuine applications for visas to train, subject to the law and Home Office regulations.


Student Membership of the Institute

Upon registration you will enroll as a student member of the Institute.


Notification of changes

We reserve the right to change our policies, requirements for graduation, programme structure or fees, in line with the Executive or Professional Standards Committee and relevant accrediting bodies in the UK and Europe.

If we need to change the dates of training courses, either at our or a student’s request, we will only do so if the Institute and all group members agree.

If we need to make any other changes, we will inform you of these, and aim to give at least three months’ notice in writing. 


Research: healing from the effects of trauma – the biodynamic approach

Having seen the positive results of biodynamic treatments and sessions for over 30 years, in 2011 the Institute of Biodynamic Medicine sought an evidence-based, objective assessment of the effectiveness of the biodynamic approach in healing from the effects of trauma, howsoever caused.

We entered a collaboration with a US university, and a national network for organisations in Ireland offering services for women who had suffered domestic violence.


The main question we addressed was: ‘Can short-term, biodynamic interventions help women in the recovery phase of domestic violence, to reduce physical and psychological problems, and promote health and wellbeing?’


Methods: Women receiving domestic violence services were recruited, and a group of eight received biodynamic interventions, including a two and a half day group workshop, followed three weeks later by a three to five hour biodynamic session with the lead therapist in the presence of other senior biodynamic practitioners. Each woman was interviewed and completed a survey before the interview, after six weeks, and after six months. This was followed by a randomised control trial.


Results: In the first study, women’s quality of life was improved and maintained, and the women were better able to seek help and manage their lives. In the control trial, emotional symptoms were greatly reduced and the women had more vitality, and a better quality of life.


Conclusions: The intervention and treatment protocols developed during this research have been shown to be effective in healing from the effects of trauma and have now been incorporated into the Institute’s practices. The findings were presented at the 2nd World Congress of Women’s Shelters in Washington DC in the USA. We have now developed specialised training so that these interventions can be shared widely with other healthcare professionals and practitioners.

If you would like more details about this research, please contact us.


Institute of Biodynamic Medicine


The Institute of Biodynamic Medicine – formerly the Gerda Boyesen International Institute of Biodynamic Psychology and Psychotherapy – and its clinical arm The Biodynamic Clinic, have transformed the lives of many people by helping them to restore their natural health, peace of mind and emotional wellbeing.


We are committed to promoting and delivering biodynamic principles and practice, and conducting research into how biodynamic therapies can be used to help with a variety of diagnosed and chronic health conditions and life experiences. As well as providing high quality training and supervision, we issue biodynamic practice licences, provide consultancy services, and maintain the international register of licensed biodynamic practitioners.


Other courses


  • Diploma in Biodynamic Trauma Treatment – a one-year course
  • Diploma in Biodynamic Massage – a two-year course
  • Diploma in Biodynamic Medicine – a three-year course
  • Diploma in Biodynamic Psychotherapy – a four-year course

Satisfactory completion of clinical practice with supervision related to each level of training is required before the Institute’s practicing certificates and licences to practice are issued to new eligible biodynamic practitioners.


Experiential workshops


  • Introductory weekends – include an introduction to biodynamic principles and concepts, group work and demonstration of biodynamic massage using a loudspeaker stethoscope
  • Biodynamic wellbeing weekends and ‘theme’ seminars
  • International biodynamic summer school - five day residential seminar


Services offered by The Biodynamic Clinic

The Biodynamic Clinic is the clinical arm of the Institute and facilitates any training courses that require supervised clinical practice.


We also offer the following services:

  • Individual, regular and on-going biodynamic treatments of one to two hours weekly or fortnightly
  • Residential biodynamic wellbeing programmes for individuals of 10 or 20 hours - two to four days
  • Biodynamic medical programmes for individuals who have a diagnosed or chronic medical condition 20-30 hours residential - four to six days
  • Residential programmes for groups
  • Community services with different groups including senior citizens, cancer support groups, MS patients and others


To discuss this course or for further details please call:

Institute head office – Ireland Tel: +353 96 32514

Mob: Gill Bell - Deputy Training Director + 353 87 295 8206

We look forward to seeing you on the Biodynamic Skills course or at other events.



. .


"I have found working with L, truly profound at all times her dedication to me and to my health, well-being and psyche where and are illuminating, gentle and insightful. I am given the space to explore at the pace I require and whatever my needs are, they are met fully and securely, but the most important aspect of my treatments with L is that I enjoy them and I feel great."


"I know of Mary Molloy through a patient (who suffered from acute fibromyalgia and related symptoms) who I saw before and after she went to Killala, Co Mayo, Ireland and received a week of treatment from Mary at the GBII Biodynamic Clinic where Mary works and teaches. It is one of the most profound cases of healing I have ever seen. Working with Mary completely transformed her options for living, and I am in awe of the scope of what I have seen and felt with my own eyes and hands."

EF Medical Doctor USA

"I know of Mary Molloy through a patient who I saw before and after she went to Killala, Co Mayo, Ireland and received a week of 'block therapy' treatment from Mary at the Biodynamic Clinic where Mary works and teaches. It is one of the most profound cases of healing I have ever seen. I had the good fortune to do a thorough history, physical exam, laboratory testing, and review extensive medical records prior to her leaving and then to repeat those tests and exams afterwards. It would take a lot of space to recount the many manifestations that confirm healing happened on multiple levels in this letter, but let me say for now they were present when she returned to such a degree that what she and I have been working on since is how to integrate the return of so many abilities into her life. Working with Mary completely transformed her options for living, and I am in awe of the scope of what I have seen and felt with my own eyes and hands."

EF Medical Doctor - USA

"The structure of training, in holding me, provided me with a safe way to come through to love myself and to radiate that into the world. I learned to look for and see the beauty and nature and humanity of people beyond "the matter". It helped me to clear away the residues of trauma, shock and grief, and the trainers were examples to me of how I could live."

PL. GBII Graduate and Client

"I do feel that this treatment has helped me to feel well and strong. I have been through a lot of difficulties, and my biodynamic psychotherapy sessions have restored my full life to me."

G.W. Client