Biodynamic Skills for Health and Other Professionals

A One Year Course - Commencing Autumn 2017

(Also acts as the Foundation Course for the Diploma in Biodynamic Psychotherapy)

IOBM recognises the different branches of medicine, functional, holistic, complementary, alternative, integrated, supplementary and now biodynamic medicine. We have devised this course to introduce biodynamic principles, which add a new perspective and dimension to each of these modalities.

If you are a functional, holistic, complementary, alternative or supplementary medical practitioner, the biodynamic approach can enhance your existing practice, providing you with additional skills and therapies with which to treat your clients.

Schedule: 8 x 2.5 Day Weekends (Fri-eve - Sun)  + 1 x 5day Seminar (Weds -Sun) Residential 

Meeting times:  Fri 7-10 and Sat-Sun (plus Seminars) 10am - 1pm and 3pm - 6pm

All clinical psychologists, aromatherapists, reflexologists, holistic massage therapists, acupuncturists, homeopaths, osteopaths, chiropractors, nurses, doctors, psychiatrists, dentists, other health care professionals are welcome. You will find this course personally beneficial and particularly helpful within your existing practice.


This 'stand alone' course is also the Foundation Course for the Diploma in Biodynamic Psychotherapy. It introduces the long-established, effective and gentle methods of biodynamic psychology developed by clinical psychologist, Gerda Boyesen. Biodynamic methods are designed to activate or optimise the innate healing mechanism of the body, known as "psycho-peristalsis". This mechanism restores the spontaneous flow of life energy, (bio-dynamic) bringing deep relaxation, clear thinking, natural enthusiasm and health.

Often feelings can arise during or as a result of holistic treatments and sometimes in general practice. The biodynamic approach can facilitate the natural completion of these emotional cycles, bringing further relief to the client. This is a key feature of the course.

As the bio-energy is freed within a person it can bring "streamings" and a feeling of connectedness and well-being whilst simultaneously relieving pain and symptoms. This experience brings tonus and vitality for life leading to a feeling of being able to move forward with renewed confidence and strength.

The Course covers:

  • The Art of Touching Introduction to Gerda Boyesen’s core biodynamic theory and practice, introduction to biodynamic massage methods, psychoperistalsis, use of the stethoscope, self-regulation, independent well-being
  • Self and Body Healing through creative imagery and touch, working with the bio-field, streamings and orgonomy (Reich), vaso-motoric cycle, emotional blood circulation. Health and flow.
  • Biodynamic Group Work Biodynamic processes for groups. Understanding biodynamic and psychodynamic influences in group work. Experiential exercises for expressing, building, melting, containing, grounding, boundaries, the "midwife" approach.
  • Biodynamic Relating The art of adult living and relating. Completion of cycles, listening and talking, creative expression, meeting and moving forward, the value of social interaction and its benefits for the brain and the whole person.
  • Introduction to Deep Draining The original postural change method working with the muscles and breath, dissolving "armour"; emptying. Behind each and every posture change can be a revolution in psychological understanding. Integrating change into everyday life.
  • Introduction to Vegetotherapy and the Segments Reichian character types, seven segments, ocular, jaw, throat, chest, diaphragm, abdomen, pelvic. Gerda Boyesen character types - stone, warrior, sunshine. The main biodynamic psychology theories and practice, let id speak, the "great secret" of vegetative release.


This is an experiential course with emphasis on introducing key concepts in the biodynamic philosophy. These ancient and modern principles can be used to enhance all professions and approaches. Participants will have the opportunity to experience this work through exercises in small groups and pairs and to practice the methods with each other under supervision.


This Course is specifically designed for clinical psychologists, educators, holistic practitioners, doctors, nurses, and all other health care professionals, who wish to have an introduction to the biodynamic approach related to their practice.

Practitioners who wish to offer specific biodynamic treatments within their practice complete an additional 60 hours Clinical Practice and Supervision Module which includes Induction Training and Ongoing Practice Related Teaching during or after the Course - culminating in the presentation of Case Work for review and assessment by IoBM Professional Standards Committee.

Satisfactory completion of this Course leads to the award of the Diploma in Biodynamic Skills and Associate Professional Membership of IoBM.

Satisfactory Completion of the additional Clinical Practice Module leads to the Practising Certificate in Biodynamic Skills and entry on the IoBM Register of Licensed Biodynamic Practitioners as a Biodynamic Skills Therapist.


Each participant is required to attend 40 hours regular individual biodynamic psychotherapy sessions with an IoBM Licensed Biodynamic Psychotherapist during the course. These fees are not included in the course fee. Through these sessions, practitioners can deepen their experience of the biodynamic process as a client, and gain a profound and enriching personal understanding of this approach.


For those in current practice we also offer one-to-one Supervision with our Licensed Biodynamic Supervisors during the course and beyond. This provides an opportunity for reflective practice and to understand how what you are learning in the course can be beneficially applied in your practice.

"Our work with people is to help each person to realise all aspects of the primary personality within themselves"

Gerda Boyesen. The Primary Personality and its Relationship to the Streamings. 1982

Financial Information and Course Fees

Training Fees are valid for the current year.

Per Annum

Registration Fee: Non Refundble when a place has been accepted  - £150 



UK: £3500 (sterling) per annum



IRL/EU: €4000 per annum

(please allow a maximum of 3% per annum increment)

OVERSEAS STUDENTS: Fees agreed on a Case-by-Case Basis

Minimum = UK Fee + 50% of all components per Module


The Contract of Training is renewable upon Registration for each Year or Module. Registration Fee and Tuition Fees can be paid either

  • One - off fee with a reduction of £200 or €300 or
  • One third on commencement and balance by regular Standing Order  
  • Overseas Students - All Fees are Payable in Advance

Student Membership of GBII:


£60 per annum




Individual Biodynamic Psychotherapy Sessions during Training:

Course requirement: 40 hours each year (min) payable to IOBM in advance or at each session.

With Biodynamic Psychotherapist £50 / €60per hour - or £60 / €80 with Training or Clinical Director 

Residential Seminar:

Allow €60 per day for 5 days each year for B&B and all meals, plus £100- £150 sterling for return travel to Ireland.

Loudspeaker Stethoscope

Available via IOBM, Loudspeaker Stethoscope (£250)

Treatment Table:

'Earth-Lite' and other ISO 9002 Safety & Quality products recommended, available via IOBM - from £250 - £450 as per your choice

Books and Related Biodynamic Training Materials:

Instead of each student buying the same books for course work, from the second year, all students are asked to pay the equivalent of £100 per annum into the IOBM Library Fund for books and related training materials and as a Member of the IOBM Library to also actively participate in the choices of books purchased with a view to value for money and updated, topical and core reading texts.

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"My biodynamic training was a profoundly loving and spiritual journey for me. It has brought so many positive changes to my life that I thought impossible. Because of these changes I feel well prepared as I practice my biodynamic work. I was helped to break down the walls that I had built around myself as protection and realised that the walls kept the world out there and I was trapped inside. I learned to embrace the aspects of me that I had been resisting, moved forward and no longer allowed my past to control me. I gradually changed the way I cope with things, the way I view the world and how I see the world viewing me. I have a greater sense of self and more confidence. I began to learn what it meant to be in my body and that helped me in my life. I developed a trust of my body feelings so I did what was right for me, in particular with regard to my health. I changed the way I communicated to a more positive way, with friends, colleagues, and I will be forever grateful for the way it deeply affected my relationship with my beautiful daughter. I am able to express love and allow in the love that is offered to me. I found my own beauty and love and I enjoy the pleasure of being able to reach out and connect to others."

KL. Graduate and Client

"I have found working with L, truly profound at all times her dedication to me and to my health, well-being and psyche where and are illuminating, gentle and insightful. I am given the space to explore at the pace I require and whatever my needs are, they are met fully and securely, but the most important aspect of my treatments with L is that I enjoy them and I feel great."


"The summer school is where I first met the extraordinary and gifted Mary Molloy. Mary is a true genius in her field. Through her help I have moved into a different space in my life and dealt with things that I didn't even know that I needed to deal with. I have become a much more spiritual and self aware person because of this."

GM. Participant

"So many diverse aspects all came together to make an amazing, inspiring conference."

BL IoBM Licensed Biodynamic Psychotherapist

"I benefit from biodynamic massage. I feel very relaxed and soothed afterwards and haven’t as much pain from arthritis in my joints. I am learning to cope with the challenges of old age. My husband and I have taken a couple of courses in massage at a Quaker meeting centre and when I worked in therapeutic care with the Red Cross. The body is designed to heal itself and biodynamic psychotherapy assists this process. The therapists I have met have all been very helpful and can be contacted by telephone. I can testify that this therapy improves the quality of my life, for which I am thankful."

SB and RB - Clients and 'Friends' of IoBM