Diploma in Biodynamic Psychotherapy (4 Years Part-Time)

Commencing Autumn 2017

A career as a biodynamic psychotherapist offers the opportunity to have a varied and rewarding work life, and to meet people from all walks of life. Many people who train apply the biodynamic principles within other professions and organisations, as biodynamic educators and biodynamic life skills coaches, as well as becoming biodynamic practitioners and biodynamic psychotherapists working one to one. Personal, professional and self-development is an important aspect of the course, and some people attend for these benefits alone.

Whatever the motivation for training, the Diploma in Biodynamic Psychotherapy Course, (which now includes the Biodynamic Skills for Health Professionals Course as a 'stand-alone' Foundation Course and the Diploma in Biodynamic Massage Course) ) consists of a well-considered balance of theory, practice, experiential and group work, clinical work, and written assignments in each Module, all of which weave through each training meeting and in the residential seminars.

The Diploma Course is open to anyone who is interested in mental and physical health and well being, in a caring profession, and in undertaking their own journey of self-discovery.

IOBM courses are designed for those who have to combine study with full or part-time employment or overseas and international students who may have to travel significant distances to the place of study.

Diploma in Biodynamic Psychotherapy


Students are introduced to the field of biodynamic psychology and psychotherapy as developed by Gerda Boyesen, its place in the historical development of psychoanalytical and psychological theories, including those of Sigmund Freud, Wilhelm Reich, Carl Jung, and western psychology and medicine, eastern philosophy and medicine and recent developments in the field of neuro- science and new (energy) medicine.


IOBM teaches, and there are many opportunities to practice - biodynamic psychotherapy, biodynamic massage and all the methods and related treatments developed by Gerda Boyesen. In the first Module students are introduced to the core methods of biodynamic psychology, use of the stethoscope, and to the full range of biodynamic massage methods. Students also begin to gain practical experience through peer exchanges during the training meetings.

After the first Module Students are invited to become Apprentice Biodynamic Psychotherapists and undertake to give voluntary service during training and enter the IoBM Community Services Programme where they have induction training to become knowledgeable about the particular conditions that any individual or client group they will be working with has suffered, and Apprentices learn how to give short and safe treatments to a specific client group under Supervision.

As their experience grows, Apprentices go on to give 50 minute treatments under supervision in The Biodynamic Clinic. When they have satisfactorily completed a specified number of practice hours, Apprentices are examined and assessed and progress, still as an Apprentice, to see clients independently and meet in individual and group supervision for case discussions.

There is a fair and steady progress through different levels of competence and GBII evaluates this in a continuum. Once professional standards are reached, after evaluation and assessment by the IoBM Professional Standards Committee - Apprentices can apply for progressive IoBM Practising Certificates in accordance with their level of competence, and in the following categories: Biodynamic Skills Therapist, Biodynamic Massage Therapist, Biodynamic Counsellor, Biodynamic Psychotherapist, as well as in the specialisations of Biodynamic Vegetotherapist

(Advanced Bodywork Skills) and Biodynamic Deep-Draining Therapist (Advanced and Specialised Intervention). All Categoies of Practitioners are entered upon the IOBM Register of Licensed Biodynamic Practitioners.

The application of biodynamic psychology and its related theory and practice techniques is gradually introduced from the beginning of the course and is developed from the second Module through the specialised and advanced training modules of Deep Draining and Vegetotherapy - undertaken in a written contracts with peers.

Following the completion of the Diploma in Biodynamic Psychotherapy Course, there is a Post Graduate Clinical Practice and Supervision Module ('Green House') after which successful graduates are awarded the Practising Certificate as a Biodynamic Psychotherapist, and may apply for an IOBM Practice Licence in that category.

The Diploma in Biodynamic Psychology is a post graduate academic award on satisfactory completion of a 10,000 word dissertation in an aspect of the biodynamic field in which Students have developed an interest. 

Experiential and Group Work

From commencement, Students enter a psychotherapy contract with an IOBM Licensed Biodynamic Psychotherapist for the duration of their training. This is a vital and enriching endeavour, and an essential aspect of the development of experience and understanding of a personal biodynamic and psychotherapeutic process.

The course also includes experiential work in pairs, triangles and groups throughout the training and especially during the residential seminars in each year.

IOBM operates a continuous assessment policy for active participation in and contribution to the group, attendance, completion of all course requirements, clinical practice, supervision and written assignments as well as for end of module evaluation and review in each Module.

Following qualification, IOBM provides generous support and Professional Membership Services to help Members develop and maintain a flourishing practice.

IOBM also offers post graduate advanced training courses in Deep-Draining and Vegetotherapy for those practitioners who wish to specialise in these areas.

Diploma in Biodynamic Psychotherapy

Course Structure

  • The Diploma in Biodynamic Psychotherapy Course is made up of specific Modules which progress over an agreed time frame. This Coursenbsp;CAN BE MODIFIED TO ACCOMMODATE OVERSEAS APPLICANTS 
  • There is a Post-Graduate Clinical Practice and Supervision Module prior to the award of the Practising Certificate as a Biodynamic Psychotherapist and entry on the IOBMRegister of Licensed Biodynamic Practitioners.

    IoBM is Licensed by Gerda Boyesen® to grant Practice Licenses to qualified biodynamic psychotherapists and other biodynamic practitioners. Graduates may also apply for Membership of additional organisations on completion of other organisations' standards for admissio
  • Each MODULE of Supervised Training is scheduled for
  • Eight weekends, Friday evening, 7-10, Saturday and Sunday 10-1, 3-6, plus
  • 1 x 5 day residential seminars - Total 30 Days - 
  • In addition, 40 hours regular individual sessions with an IOBM Licensed Biodynamic Psychotherapist (can be "block therapy") is required during each Module 
  • Satisfactory Completion of all Clinical Practice and Supervision Modules is required for all Biodynamic Practitioner Qualifications

Clinical Practice and Supervision

Please Note: Times for Clinical Practice and Supervision are additional to the training schedule. Clinical Practice and Supervision are governed by a separate and additional contract – the Agreement for the Provision of Voluntary Service during Training – which is a prerequisite for Supervised practice with IOBM.

Assessment and Qualifications

IOBM operates a policy of continuous assessment throughout the training taking into account the following aspects:

  1. Attendance and Timekeeping
  2. Active Participation in the Group
  3. Conscious and Willing Engagement with Experiential Work
  4. Timly Completion of Written Assignments
  5. Willingness to Learn
  6. Ability to Take Appropriate Directions from Training Staff
  7. Regularity of Individual Biodynamic Psychotherapy Sessions
  8. Authorised and Supervised Clinical Practice
  9. Professional Presentation of Case Work
  10. Constructive Use of Supervision
  11. Adherence to Codes of the Institute
  12. Knowledge of the Institute and The Biodynamic Clinic

Summary of Course Requirements

In addition to being a current Student Member of IoBM with all appropriate fees fully paid-up, Qualification is conditional on completion of all course work in each Module including:

  1. Completion of all Written Assignments
  2. Completion of Clinical Practice and Supervision requirements
  3. Professional Presentation of Case Work
  4. Academic Committee and Professional Standards Committee Assessment 
  5. Self Assessment and Peer Group Assessment


  • Diploma in Biodynamic Skills for Health and Other Professionals
  • Certificate in Biodynamic Massage
  • Diploma in Biodynamic Massage
  • Certificate in Biodynamic Psychotherapy and
  • Diploma in Biodynamic Psychotherapy

IOBM offers the Professional Training Course leading to the Diploma in Biodynamic Psychotherapy.

Students can also gain the Diploma in Biodynamic Psychology by completing the 10.000 word Dissertaion on an aspect of the biodynamic work in which they have gained an interest.

Satisfactory Completion of the Diploma in Biodynamic Psychotherapy Course admits students to Full Professional Membership of IoBM and the use of the initials MIOBM.

IOBM Practising Certificates

Throughout the progression of the Diploma Course IOBM issues Practising Certificates at different levels of practice and progression of competency in the following categories: Biodynamic Skills Therapist, Biodynamic Massage Therapist, Biodynamic Counsellor, Biodynamic Psychotherapist and Biodynamic Psychologist.

Graduates can opt to specialise in specific methods, such as "Deep Draining" or Vegetotherapy, by completing further short practice Modules leading to the Practising Certificate in their chosen specialisation.

Further Qualifications as a Biodynamic Group Leader, Biodynamic Supervisor, Biodynamic Subject Teacher, Biodynamic Tutor, Biodynamic Trainer and Biodynamic Senior Trainer are also awarded.

IOBM issues the Practising Certificate as a Biodynamic Psychotherapist to Members who fulfil the following requirements:

  • Hold the Diploma in Biodynamic Psychotherapy Level [Dip.BP]
  • Have completed the required hours of Clinical Practice and Supervision 
  • Have been Assessed by the Professional Standards Committee


IOBM Practice Licence

IoBM practitioners are Licensed by GBII (renewable annually) to practice at the level of their qualification.

ITEC Certificate in Anatomy and Physiology

(International Therapy Examination Council)

The ITEC Certificate in Anatomy and Physiology ( or its equivalent) is a pre-requisite for all Clinical Practice with IoBM. The ITEC Certificate is an independent qualification in Anatomy and Physiology. 

This is a separate Course that can be organised (upon request only) for IOBM students in association with The Biodynamic Clinic.

This Course is NOT included in the IOBM Diploma Course Fees except where stated otherwise and involves additional time for attendance as required by the responsible outside organisation.  

IOBM Register of Licensed Biodynamic Practitioners

Professional Membership of the Institute is offered at the following levels:

  • Student Member - ( compulsory for all Students)
  • Associated Professional Member - on completion of one Module and also for Applicants who trained in the field of biodynamic psychology and related fields with other Schools, at the discretion of the PSC
  • Full Professional Member

All IOBM Licensed Practising Members and IOBM Research Members are entered on the IOBM Register of Biodynamic Practitioners in the appropriate Section. The Register is maintained by IOBM for administration purposes and for the purpose of client referrals through The Biodynamic Clinic for all enquiries from the public, and for all formal Research.


As a long established organisation and the only Institute in this field, IOBM grants Certificates, Diplomas, Practising Certificates and Practice or Research Licences to trained and qualified practitioners.

Members holding the Dip.BP may also apply independently to be accredited as a biodynamic psychotherapist. This and other qualifications issued by IOBM offers graduates the choice to affiliate with a number of accrediting agencies and in accordance with each accrediting agency's seperate rules for admission.

Diploma in Biodynamic Psychotherapy


IOBM welcomes all Training Applications - to be set out in the required format [see below - ‘application procedure'] from women and men within its stated Equal Opportunities framework. IoBM respects gender, age, disability, colour, race, religion, ethnic and national origin, political beliefs, sexual orientation, marital status, family responsibilities and socio-economic group. 

Application Procedure

To apply for admission please send the following information:

  • A completed Application Form for Training
  • A Curriculum Vitae with 2 photographs
  • A personal statement [1000 words] summarising your reasons for applying to join the course and how you wish to use your skills when you qualify.

All Applicants have two interviews, with the Deputy Training Director and with the Training Director. This provides an opportunity both for assessment of candidate suitability by IOBM Staff and for the prospective student to seek any additional information about the Course or about the Institute that he or she may require. The Training Director will outline the personal qualities that are required for the profession of psychotherapy and will clarify any questions the applicant may have about the content, structure or other aspects of the course.

Letter of Offer

On Successful Completion of the Application Procedure, the Training Director will inform the Applicant and the Institute will to write to the Applicant with a Letter of Offer and subsequent related documents confirming the Terms and Conditions of Training as agreed in the Interview procedure and enclosing a Contract of Training. Upon receipt of the signed original Contract of Training, the applicant's place on the training is secured. The Training Director arranges for Registration and other matters related to the start of training.


Registration takes place at the discretion of IOBM. It confirms that the IOBM has reserved a place for the Student on the selected course and will provide the Training. It also confirms that the Student accepts his or her place on the Course and will undertake to fulfil course requirements including payment of the required Course Fees, which are non-refundable once a place on the Course has been accepted.

Diploma in Biodynamic Psychotherapy


Admissions Policy


The Certificate and Diploma Course in Biodynamic Psychotherapy requires a post-graduate level of competence. We look for a good standard of education and /or qualification and the commitment to apply oneself at a post-graduate level. We acknowledge experience gained from all areas of life, especially experience that is regarded as being important to the applicant, for whatever reason. We recognise that personal life experiences, when integrated, can become important qualities for the practice of biodynamic psychotherapy.


We expect the Applicant to have a keen interest in his or her own psychotherapy process as a whole commitment in itself, beyond the course requirements for training. We anticipate and value the unique contribution that the active participation of each prospective student can make to their group, their training and to psychotherapy and related fields. This contribution starts with training and can eventually lead to developments within the specific biodynamic field, and to benefits within the wider profession as a whole.

Introductory Weekend 

As set out in the Application Procedure, prospective students are required to attend an Introductory Weekend. At the Introductory Weekend an overview of the field of Biodynamic Psychology is presented and information relating to the course and its content are given. You will have the opportunity to ask questions about the training. Where this is not possible, Applicants may opt for 6 hours one to one Individual biodynamic 'block therapy' sessions. These sessions do not form part of the Diploma Course Individal sessions requirement and must be completed before commencement of training.

Personal Qualities and Experience

Satisfactory Completion of the Diploma in Biodynamic Psychotherapy Course, and entry to the subsequent profession of biodynamic psychotherapy involves substantial personal undertakings and qualities. Each applicant for training must have personal qualities and both personal and financial resources that make him or her suitable for the profession of biodynamic psychotherapy. We look for evidence of the applicant's interest, and background experience or knowledge of related fields, especially in the field of psychotherapy, and biodynamic psychotherapy, if any.


We seek and require disclosure on current legal status, psychiatric history, addiction-related history, current or past serious medical conditions and any criminal convictions. The opportunity to train and qualify will not be denied on any grounds that are unrelated to the competence of an Applicant to undertake this training leading to the practice of biodynamic psychotherapy.

Registration and Student Membership of the Institute

Overseas Students

As an international Institute, we warmly welcome students from all continents. We support bona-fide applications for visas to study, subject to the law and Home Office regulations. In the event that a Letter of Offer is issued after Interview or attendance at an Introductory Weekend, the Overseas student must take up their place within 30 days of commencement of the course, otherwise their place will be withdrawn and the Home Office notified accordingly.

Please Note:  IOBM reserves the right to change any timetables for training, policy (s), requirements for graduation, structure of programme or fees in accordance with directives from its Executive or Professional Standards Committee and /or to conform with frameworks for similar or comparable training or accrediting bodies or in accordance with government policies in the UK or in Europe.

Following Registration, each student is asked to read the Memorandum of Association, Bye-Laws, Code of Ethics and Practice and the Complaints Procedure of the Institute. He or she also receives an Application for Membership of the Institute .This is an invitation to join the professional body as a Student Member. Each student is asked to sign a Letter of Undertaking to agree to abide by the Codes of Ethics and Practice and the Complaints Procedure of the Institute. Upon receipt of this Letter of Undertaking, the student is admitted to the training and to the Institute as a Student Member. He or she can follow the proceedings of the Institute where relevant and attend Members Meetings of the GBII as an Observer.

IOBM Student Services

Student's Handbook of Training

During the first Module Students receive a Student's Handbook of Training that contains:

  • (a) An overview of the content of Training and Rules and Procedures for the presentation of academic and clinical work
  • (b) Information about the curriculum and syllabus content, theory lectures and seminars and guidelines for the use of learning resources
  • (c) Details relating to professional indemnity insurance, student travel, attendance at meetings, membership of libraries, placements and all other student-related matters.

Library and Learning Resources

IOBM maintains a small library that is available to its Students and Members. It includes:

  • Reference Books [not for loan but available for reference]
  • Lending Library including material on General Psychology and Psychotherapy
  • Biodynamic Psychology - A selection of published and unpublished works
  • Wilhelm Reich Library - A selection of Wilhelm Reich's writings
  • Medical, Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Psychopathology, Psychosomatics
  • Essays and Dissertations of former and present students
  • Clinical Library of Case Studies and Clinical Writings from practitioners
  • Research articles and papers
  • Journals and Periodicals and excerpts from articles of interest

IOBM can assist students to join Specialist Libraries as a "Visitor" for a fee payable to the specific Library. Recommended Bookshops for reading material are Karnac, Dillons and Compendium in London. The Internet is also a major source of information.

Financial Information and Course Fees

Training Fees are valid for the current year.


Registration Fee:

UK: £100.00
IRL/EU: €150

Overseas Students: £150
(non refundable when a place has been accepted)

Tuition Fees:

UK: £3500 (sterling) per annum or module

IRL/EU: €4000 per annum or module
(please allow a maximum of 3% per annum increment)

OVERSEAS STUDENTS: UK Fee + 50% of all components per Module


The Contract of Training is renewable upon Registration for each Year or Module. Registration Fee and Tuition Fees can be paid either

  • One - off fee with a reduction of £200 or €300 or
  • One third on commencement and balance by regular Standing Order  
  • Overseas Students - All Fees are Payable in Advance

Student Membership of GBII:


£60 per annum




Individual Biodynamic Psychotherapy Sessions:

Course requirement: 40 hours each year (min) payable to IOBM in advance or at each session.

With Biodynamic Psychotherapist £50 / €60per hour - or £60 / €75 with Clinical Director 

Overseas Students: £75 with Biodynamic Psychotherapist or £80 per hour with Clinical Director

Residential Seminar:

Allow €60 per day for 5 days each year for B&B and all meals, plus £100- £150 sterling for return travel to Ireland.

Loudspeaker Stethoscope

Available via IOBM, Loudspeaker Stethoscope (£250)

Treatment Table:

from £250 - £450 as per your choice

'Earth-Lite' and other ISO 9002 Safety & Quality products recommended, available via IOBM

Books and Related Biodynamic Training Materials:

Instead of each student buying the same books for course work, in the second year all students are asked to pay the equivalent of £100 per annum into the IoBMLibrary Fund for books and related training materials and as a Member of the IOBM Library to also actively participate in the choices of books purchased with a view to value for money and updated, topical and core reading texts.

Diploma in Biodynamic Psychotherapy


. .

Newly qualified Biodynamic Psychotherapists. A great achievement! Well done to ALL!

Newly qualified Biodynamic Psychotherapists. A great achievement! Well done to ALL!

"There is growing evidence that scientific studies are beginning to validate some of the Gerda Boyesen concepts ... The emerging generation of physicians and surgeons are questioning old dogmas .... 

The purity and simplicity of (Gerda Boyesen's) work has been maintained in the training of students of the (Gerda Boyesen) Institute of Biodynamic Psychology and Psychotherapy in London and Killala in the West of Ireland."

Peg Nunneley, January 2000 in the Preface of 'The Biodynamic Philosophy and Treatment of Psychosomatic Conditions'

GBII formally recognises the achievements of its Graduates

GBII formally recognises the achievements of its Graduates

"Deciding to follow my interest in the biodynamic field was the best decision I ever made. With the goal of becoming a biodynamic psychotherapist, I was accepted into the training which not only taught me how to become a practitioner, but also how to deal with and clear the things that I had taken on in the past but were not mine.

I had total support from the trainers who were there for me and with me all the way. They showed me a new world of emotion, understanding, direct communication, depth, resolution and how to be myself. These qualities are now constant companions with me in my working and inner life. I have the utmost gratitude to GBII for offering these life changing methods, for my own self-growth, and also for the tools I now use to help others."

TW GBII Graduate

Graduates can meet at GBII regularly after qualifying

Graduates can meet via IoBM regularly after qualifying

"I began the course at a cross-roads in my life and was not sure I was doing the 'right' thing, nor whether I would manage to stay the 4 years. However, from the first weekend in my new 'group', I was totally taken by the personal attention I received, and the experiential aspect, which is fundamental to the biodynamic training. At each weekend meeting I became more and more immersed in this work, as I was discovering more and more about the most important person in my life - me!

This/I was an epic tale with which I wanted to be totally involved, at the same time I was re-discovering the depths of my being, learning to feel my feelings, not just acknowledge them mentally, and my relationship to myself and others became an authentic reality, not just a vague notion of role-playing.

The tutoring is first class. I was supported and encouraged throughout my training by my peers and the training staff, personally and emotionally. I can still feel the excitement of each weekend meeting and especially the seminars where we gathered as a group for 5 days. These times, although not always an easy place to be emotionally, dealing with real issues and people, were always filled with friendship, support and skilled tutors, creating a safe place in which to work. Knowing I was always in 'good hands' was a constant comfort, and allowed the risk-taking necessary to become clear of the past."

WT GBII Graduate

Biodynamic psychotherapy at a health fair

Enjoying a summer evening

I first became aware of biodynamic psychotherapy at a health fair. I went to a talk and the minute I heard a short explanation of the work I thought it made perfect sense to treat the body and the mind as a whole unit – not one or the other. I felt a sensation in my gut and at that moment I knew that this was what I had been waiting to hear for many years. I was later to realise how important it is to listen to the gut and what it is saying. One week later I had a biodynamic treatment and after it I felt very whole and that I could conquer the world – it was a wonderful feeling – I felt huge joy and excitement and I literally skipped home

"I did my 4-year training in biodynamic psychotherapy and massage with a wonderful team of trainers and assistants and I will always remember their love, dedication and care for me. The training held some of the most wonderful experiences I have encountered in my life and it has changed me and my path in life forever. I think the work is profound, it is applicable to so many aspects of life and it is good and precious work.

It helped me to restore my confidence in myself and gave me the strength to live the life I wanted to live."

MN GBII Graduate

Time to reflect in Nature - at the 4 Winds in Killala, Co Mayo

Time to reflect in Nature - at the 4 Winds in Killala, Co Mayo

"My life has been transformed as a result of my training with GBII. I am still me but more me, so many parts of myself once hidden have opened up to me, to enhance my life and to give me so much more joy and peace. I see the world differently; I see it through a much more expansive lens. I feel whole, all that is me is me without judgement and I realise that I like me a lot!

My training enabled me to know my vulnerability and strength and to embrace both for my life. That I have needs, was a revelation to me, that I can have my needs met was a liberation. I CAN have all my needs met before I die, the very idea blew my mind and enabled a liberation in my cells, the sheer joy of living and dying in peace, no longer tormented or driven by unfulfilled needs, the world needs to know this, to know this simple healing principle."

TP GBII Graduate

Learning a new way to listen to each other

Learning a new way to listen to each other

"My training helped me to feel my emotions, allow them, articulate them, and clarify my position in staying with them. I began to feel connected to the world in a new and energetic way. It helped me to get beyond my neurotic self. It facilitated my experience of energetic pulsation and rhythm.

The structure of training, in holding me, provided me with a safe way to come through to love myself and to radiate that into the world. I learned to look for and see the beauty and nature and humanity of people beyond "the matter". It helped me to clear away the residues of trauma, shock and grief, and the trainers were examples to me of how I could live."

PL GBII Graduate

The Experiential Training Group is always a supportive environment

The Experiential Training Group is always a supportive environment

"I joined the training at a crossroads in my life and having faced my "long dark night of the Soul". I immediately felt it was the right place for me and that I was following my destiny. I went through many things in my training and came to my peace, my joy and my belief in my ability to do - "I can do it". I overcame my fear of expressing myself through time after time of daring to do it and being received in a biodynamic,non judgemental and loving way.

The support of my "group" and the unlimited patience, love, skill, courage and integrity of my trainers to challenge me, support me, hear me and face me has enabled me to move forward in my life with confidence and ease. I feel, having finished my training, that I am very well qualified in my field and that I can have confidence in the methods, that I know work and also in my self as a human being in my flow."

TV GBII Graduate


Gerda Boyesen teaching & working with a client at the supervised Biodynamic Clinic during training 2004

Gerda Boyesen teaching & working with a client at the supervised Biodynamic Clinic during training 2004

"Undertaking the Diploma Course in Biodynamic Psychotherapy has been a life-changing experience for me.

Having graduated and worked as Engineer in the Aerospace industry for 10 years, the Diploma Course in Biodynamic Psychotherapy was the perfect way to explore and learn different aspects of my self, relationships and life.

The course has just the correct balance of psychological work and body work providing the right mix of intellectual and emotional stimulation with hands-on work. Through the course I have had the privilege of meeting the most fantastic, interesting and genuine people from different walks of life that I would not usually meet in my day-to day job. The Gerda Boyesen International Institute is the Institute in the field of the work and it was a privilege to have been trained by the Founder of Biodynamic Psychology and see how Gerda Boyesen's core values have been incorporated into the training."

KN GBII Graduate

Supervised Biodynamic Clinic Stage 1 - Biodynamic Massage and Bodywork

Supervised Biodynamic Clinic Stage 1 - Biodynamic Massage and Bodywork

"I completed my training in June 1996 as a biodynamic psychotherapist. What interested me most (and still does) about the biodynamic work is the integration of anatomy and physiology with the psychology of health and wellbeing. This work has the 'x' factor missing in other therapies I had explored.

My working life has mainly been in the corporate world, and I live every day with the principles, concepts and theories of the Biodynamic teachings, in particular the art of self-regulation and autonomy. These integral learnings are for me tantamount when dealing with clients, suppliers, peers and management at all levels, especially when the going gets tough. There is always a way through."

BN GBII Graduate

Apprentice Biodynamic Psychotherapists work in Teams under Supervision

Apprentice Biodynamic Psychotherapists work in Teams under Supervision

"My training was life transforming and has helped me to evolve and grow in trust and love. I am changed, my relationships have changed, my way of being in this world has changed, and I will always be grateful as long as I live."

NP GBII Graduate

Michele Harris PSC monitors Clinical Practice and Professional Standards (on left)

Michele Harris (on left) PSC - monitors Clinical Practice and Professional Standards 


Graduation Ceremony and Presentation of Certificates

Graduation Ceremony and Presentation of Certificates

Culinary Delights for Graduates, Members, Family and Friends

Culinary Delights for Graduates, Members, Family and Friends

World-renowned Traditional Musicians join us

World-renowned Traditional Musicians join us

Gerda Boyesen with Fellows, Members and Graduates 2005

Gerda Boyesen with Fellows, Members and Graduates in London 2005