Have you ever felt like getting away from it all, having a place to reflect, take stock, gain perspective, and explore new ways of living? Our Experiential Workshops are a great way to do all of these things and more. Come and meet like-minded friends in a biodynamic environment, designed for your comfort and learning.

IoBM offers a range of residential and non-residential workshops in the UK and Ireland as well as the annual International Biodynamic Summer School in Killala in July each year.


At these events, there is also an opportunity for Block Therapy where you can book 6-10 hours of individual biodynamic sessions at a reduced rate during or around the time of the workshop.

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Spring 2015

****** February - June 2015 ******

In addition to our ongoing Killala Retreats, from February - May 2015 we will be hosting 2.5 Day Biodynamic Weekends and 5 Day Residential Biodynamic Retreats in the UK at 

Longleat Forest Center Parcs in Wiltshire 

" Situated in the beautiful Longleat Estate is the simply stunning, Longleat Forest. The hilly landscape is truly spectacular and you'll see hundred-year-old Giant Redwoods. To get around, you can cycle, walk or catch the land train which is exclusive to Longleat Forest."


Each 2.5 day Biodynamic Weekend Retreat ( Friday Evening - Sunday Evening) or 5 Day Biodynamic Retreat (Monday - Friday) is delivered in a luxurious setting within this total environment. On arrival you will be shown to your luxurious Lodge and we will meet for 2 hours to begin the programme. Thereafter we will meet for 5 hours each day, leaving you also free to integrate and enjoy the benefits of the biodynamic experience with enough free time to immerse yourself in the extensive facilities provided at Longleat.

Individual biodynamic massage and therapy sessions are available from fully qualified IoBM Licensed Biodynamic Practitioners during and surrounding the retreats, who will also be part of the Biodynamic Team 

Places are strictly limited. Couples and Friends are welcome. These Events are filling fast, so please email us if you would like to book your place. and we will contact you by return.

Themes of the Workshops are outlined below.

Discovering Our Brilliance - Revealing Our Radiance

It is our natural birth-right to feel peace and real happiness, to be joyful and free, to feel that the trillions of cells in our bodies are dancing, co-operating and communicating with each other and, non verbally, with all other alive beings. However, this is not always the case. 

Many of us have been brought up to be "humble", not proud; we may have grown up with criticism more than encouragement, and we may not even recognise any talents that we do have. We contract, hide, and often remain in obscurity. 

This experiential workshop focuses on the link between psyche and soma, mind and body, recognising the effects of shock or traumatic experiences that are held in the body, and how we can eliminate these effects once and for all by completing emotional cycles, and come to peace. We explore ways to let our true qualities shine through, to feel our own worth, to radiate out into our field and to reveal our brilliance. 

There will be an opportunity for all participants to experience the biodynamic approach in pairs and small groups.

Other Biodynamic Themes include:

Why Love Matters - The Biodynamic Approach

'Biodynamic Psychology is based on Love' Gerda Boyesen.

We all affect each other. At its most profound, this effect has been described by Wilhelm Reich MD as "cosmic superimposition". a phenomenon where greater natural order spontaneously emerges when the cosmic energy superimposes with the biological energy in a human being. This affect and effect can also take palce in meetings between two people.

'Superimposition of two energy streams reaches, as a function, far beyonf biology.' Willhelm Reich MD

In the biodynamic approach, 'cosmic superimposition' provides an account of, and framework for, the phenomenon of Love in its purist form.

Recognising Love's cosmic as well as relational quality, this weekend workshop is for all people interested in exploring the nature of Love, considering its effect, and most of all, reignitiing its role within our lives.

Getting it Out - The Great Escape

Sometimes, we hold things in, drag things out, go along with things,  hang onto things, swallow things, hold things down, let ourselves and others down, ... but it just doesn't work! We can still feel under pressure or uncomfortable in our body. Sometimes by talking things through, we can work them out, and resolve matters, but not always.  The mind simply cannot work everything out - sometimes it has to come out through the body.

In this workshop we will introduce and demonstrate the vital importance of expression, completion of emotional cycles and restoration of full circulation and flow. A loud- speaker stethoscope will be used to demonstrate the healing function of "psycho-peristalsis" - the innate healing mechanism located in the gut - which digests emotional experience and eliminates hormonal stress remnants once and for all. With this essential function restored - the eternal qualities of freedom of expression, gentleness and joy can return home to the body and mind bringing peace and real communication.

Firing the Mind - Igniting New Ideas

Recent discoveries in neuro-science confirm that we can change our patterns of thinking and create new neural pathways via positive ways of thinking. In this workshop we serve 'notice to quit' to our negative thought patterns, free our minds from mental interference and fire the new, clear mind with waves of inspiration and creativity.

"Rest in natural great peace, this exhausted mind, beaten helpless by karma, and neurotic thoughts, like the senseless fury of the pounding waves, in the infinite ocean of samsara. Rest in natural great peace." Nyoshul Khen Rinpoche

Opening of the Heart - Communicating with Tenderness  

How often we all get hurt and close our hearts for fear of rejection! In this weekend, we look at how the heart becomes 'armoured', what we can do to melt this armouring.

Through specialised biodynamic exercises and processes we learn how to open up, to follow our hearts, and to experience and express our own true love.

Nurturing the Soul - Reconnecting to Spirit

What do we really need to nurture us? How do we find the nourishment we need, on all levels, in our lives? How do we live our vibrant true potential? How do we build essential and satisfying relationships with Self and Others? What do I want to do that is new for me?

In this workshop there will be a gentle exploration of what our true needs are, how we can build our capacity to live wholesome and satisfying lives, and how we can balance work and home life. Whether we follow a particular religion or not, we can often feel there is something missing in our lives, a deeper sense of connection and meaning.

By exploring ways to free trapped energy, this workshop provides an opportunity to find ways of accessing deeper or higher levels of experience. When the life energy within us is liberated, it meets with the energy around us ("cosmic super-imposition") and brings a new sense of connection. Includes Music and Dance.

Transforming Your Life - Living your Dreams  

In this workshop we explore how, as we find new ways to think, feel, love, express, relate, heal, we can transform our lives into a more conscious and satisfying way of being.

Evolving the Brain - Coursing the Waves

Advances in the field of neuro-science and cell biology and the implications of this research are radically changing our understanding of life itself. We now know the processes by which cells receive information and that genes and DNA do not control our biology. DNA is in fact controlled by signals from outside the cell, including the energetic messages emanating from our positive and negative thoughts.

Our lives and our bodies can be changed as we understand this information and retrain our thinking.

In this workshop, within a safe and structured biodynamic environment we combine this knowledge with the biodynamic understanding that it is the spontaneous movement of life-energy which builds bridges across the divide and which brings alignment - when the environment is ideal - to facilitate permeability of the cell membrane, clear communication and intelligent, vibrant health.

Women's Health and Intimacy

The Power of the Feminine

Getting Gutsy - Following your Heart

The Second Brain - the Magic Peristalsis


. .

Workshop Leaders

Workshop Leader - Mary Molloy BA Hons FGBII

Workshop Leaders - Mary Molloy BA Hons Fellow IOBM - Principal and Training Director IOBM

Mary has 30 years experience in the field of biodynamic psychology and worked extensively with Gerda Boyesen over several years. She is Founder and Principal of IOBM Ltd and The Biodynamic Clinic. She is fully committed to bringing the authenticity and simplicity of these effective therapeutic and clinical biodynamic methods and skills into the wider community and into everyday life.

Deputy Training Director GBII - Gill Bell FGBII

Gill Bell B Ed. Fellow IOBM  - Deputy Training Director IOBM, IOBM Licensed Biodynamic Psychotherapist, Senior Trainer and Supervisor

Gill has almost 20 years experience in the field of biodynamic psychology and has worked extensively in the experiential workshops programme and at public events over many years.

Participants on a "Nurturing the Soul" workshop had the following to say:

"I learned to trust myself and to listen to the wisdom of my gut, its okay to speak my truth, to experience true freedom."

"This has been a very special three days for me. I leave here with a very thankful heart."

"I found the workshop delightful and inspiring. While challenging at a personal level at times, it was very worthwhile. I would highly recommend this workshop to others." 

"I experienced the workshop as very moving, very informative, very creative and at all times interesting."

"Brilliant, what more can I say."


"What a treat! Biodynamic sessions all for me. I deserve it. A "treat meant" for me. Thanks Everybody!"

MG Client

"I have found the residential retreats to be very beneficial and a great alternative for me as a busy mum, as regular sessions are often difficult to organise. The boost I get from my regular 'block therapy' sessions 3 or 4 times a year carry me through all the year in a cost and time effective way. Thank you to Mary and her biodynamic team."

JJ Client

"I know of Mary Molloy through a patient (who suffered from acute fibromyalgia and related symptoms) who I saw before and after she went to Killala, Co Mayo, Ireland and received a week of treatment from Mary at the GBII Biodynamic Clinic where Mary works and teaches. It is one of the most profound cases of healing I have ever seen. Working with Mary completely transformed her options for living, and I am in awe of the scope of what I have seen and felt with my own eyes and hands."

EF Medical Doctor USA

"I benefit from biodynamic massage. I feel very relaxed and soothed afterwards and haven’t as much pain from arthritis in my joints. I am learning to cope with the challenges of old age. My husband and I have taken a couple of courses in massage at a Quaker meeting centre and when I worked in therapeutic care with the Red Cross. The body is designed to heal itself and biodynamic psychotherapy assists this process. The therapists I have met have all been very helpful and can be contacted by telephone. I can testify that this therapy improves the quality of my life, for which I am thankful."

SB and RB - Clients and 'Friends' of IoBM

"I feel fate had its hand in leading me to the biodynamic work and finding this work has completely changed my life. For some time I had been in a very difficult place in myself. I had a great job, fantastic family and friends but felt I was not really living my life, just going through the motions. I was working relentlessly, denying any need and unable to relate. I had become very isolated, frightened and very good at putting on a front, that life was ok. In fact I had experienced many years of panic attacks and anxiety and was hardly functioning properly. The biodynamic blueprint encapsulates all aspects of the self; the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual sides. Being a spiritual being in a world where others were sceptical of that side of life - it was also important for me that I felt I had found a place that I could bring all of me to, and be understood on every level."

DI. Client